100 Thieves: What do They Need to Fix?

With the CWL PLQ set to kick off this Wednesday, 100 Thieves had a lot to work on since Vegas. But what exactly did they need to fix?

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Photo Credit: (100Thieves)

When 100 Thieves announced their roster for the upcoming B04 season expectations were sky high from the start. With a roster bolstering two of the top three Assault Rifle (AR) players over the past three games, accompanied by arguably the MVP of last year in Kenny, it was a roster built to win championships. 

Rewind a month ago to CWL Las Vegas, the kickoff event for the new season where many fans and analysts had 100 Thieves projected to finish top 3 and contend for the championship. Ultimately, fans were drastically disappointed, 100 Thieves ended up finishing Top 12 and quickly became the scapegoat of the scene. Fans were rooting for their demise the whole tournament and quickly went to social media to question the decision to pick up this roster after the glaring issues that we witnessed. 

There were three glaring issues that 100 Thieves displayed over CWL Las Vegas, and since there have been multiple twitch clips of more confrontations which does not bode well for this weeks qualifier.



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