100 Thieves: What do They Need to Fix?

With the CWL PLQ set to kick off this Wednesday, 100 Thieves had a lot to work on since Vegas. But what exactly did they need to fix?

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When 100 Thieves announced their roster for the upcoming B04 season expectations were sky high from the start. With a roster bolstering two of the top three Assault Rifle (AR) players over the past three games, accompanied by arguably the MVP of last year in Kenny, it was a roster built to win championships. 

Rewind a month ago to CWL Las Vegas, the kickoff event for the new season where many fans and analysts had 100 Thieves projected to finish top 3 and contend for the championship. Ultimately, fans were drastically disappointed, 100 Thieves ended up finishing Top 12 and quickly became the scapegoat of the scene. Fans were rooting for their demise the whole tournament and quickly went to social media to question the decision to pick up this roster after the glaring issues that we witnessed. 

There were three glaring issues that 100 Thieves displayed over CWL Las Vegas, and since there have been multiple twitch clips of more confrontations which does not bode well for this weeks qualifier.


  1. 1 Hardpoint Rotations

    At first glance of this roster it seemed that they would be one of the best hardpoint teams. Historically, SlasheR and Octane have been top hardpoint slayers, and being accompanied by the aggressive sub of Kenny they seemed like it was comprised of the right mixture of tempo to succeed. However, this was not the case, 100 Thieves looked lost in most of their hardpoint games which quickly put them down 0-1 in the series.

    If we look at the 100 Thieves vs eUnited match in group play on Frequency, 100 Thieves were constantly getting beat in the rotational gunfights, along with late rotations gave eUnited ample time to set up and be prepared to easily take them down. 

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    They can link these issues to: A lack of communication between the team or, misuse of clock management. Watching 100 Thieves in hardpoint was frankly a mess, it is easily fixable but in the next point we dive into it may not be as easy for 100 Thieves.

  2. 2 Too Many Captains for One Ship

    As the title mentions, there are just too many voices in this lineup. Looking at the roster and their previous teams and roles, Kenny, Octane, SlasheR and enable have all historically been "captains" of their teams or have made their opinion clear in team discussions and communications in a game. Mixing all of these "hostile" personalities together can lead to signs of miscommunication which has been displayed in their hardpoint games and has risen more so in the last month post Las Vegas. 

    All members of 100 Thieves excluding enable can be witnessed arguing about their previous scrimmage result. The lack of communication is clear here as one player calls for a rotation they completely ignore it. Also, the butting of heads is perhaps because of Kenny and Fero's success on Team Kaliber last year which has seemingly put them on a higher pedestal than SlasheR and Octane which causes them to think their egos and attitudes are not the issue. 

    The one shining light for 100 Thieves is Enable as the veteran of the team is constantly trying to calm everyone down and resolve the turmoil before it escalates further. They have made all of these issues public and fans are even more skeptical heading into the PLQ. 100 Thieves need one voice that everyone will listen to and not contest, having three or four opinions battling back and forth mid map will cause the situation they were in at Vegas. Failure.

  3. 3 Roles?

    Recent news has surfaced regarding the ever-changing roles in 100 Thieves. First, there were a few nights of scrimmages that SlasheR was now running a saug (a submachine gun) which had many people shaking their heads why one of the top three AR's over the last three years is not on his forte anymore. 

    On top of this outrageous "tactic" that 100 Thieves are now implementing there is also Kenny's refusal of running a sub. Kenny was the best submachine gun player last season in WW2 but now he shies away from the weapon and prefers to run the Maddox, which is seen as a hybrid rifle. This results in someone else has to step up and play a sub, the candidates have been fero and the aforementioned SlasheR. Fero is a much better fit for the Maddox play style having often been exposed while playing the saug.

    Looking at the two games Kenny has played in his career so far, we look at WW2 which was a much slower game which seemed to cater to his play style where he can control the tempo of the match. Now in the current state and nature of B04, the game is a quick-paced game, and it seems as if Kenny is not as comfortable with the speed of the game. The game should be accustomed to his play style but he has not found his niche yet. 


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