Minor Battlefield 2042 Delay has been Confirmed

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Just when you thought 2021 couldn't lose any more big games, Battlefield 2042 was rumored to be looking at a possible delay. Fortunately for fans of the franchise, while a delay has been confirmed, it's not as bad as first feared.

It appears that DICE and EA have made the right call as pushing the game back, even just by a few weeks, can have all the difference.

Update - Delay Confirmed

Battlefield 2042 has a new release date of 19 November 2021. The original release date was 22 October meaning the delay is just less than a month.


It appears the rumours of a delay into 2022 were overetimated at this time. The beta dates have also been shifted with the release having been slated for 22 September originally. This will now take place on 8 October.

What's Going on with Battlefield 2042?


A few well-known figures and gaming insiders such as Jeff Grubb, Nick Baker, and DealerGaming on YouTube have pointed towards Battlefield 2042 being delayed into 2022.

Xbox Era's Nick Baker actually differed slightly in his belief in that the delay may not take the game into 2022 but the idea of a delay was not off the table. Only one leaker, @_Tom_Henderson_ has come out to say they haven't heard anything of a delay.

Henderson is easily one of the most trusted sources for Battlefield leaks even though they can sometimes be vague. He did, however, point out that the last time he saw the game it was very similar to a previous showing. This may hint at the game not being in the best shape and release is already coming up soon.

He followed up the above tweet by confirming that the Beta is still scheduled for 22 September. This has caused the further belief that the game may not be delayed if the beta still goes ahead. Just ask fans of upcoming MMO New World if a Beta means a game can't be delayed.

We're big advocates for delaying games for the health and safety of development teams and if it turns out that Battlefield 2042 isn't ready to go for its initial release date, it should not be released. It's that simple. While 2022 is already a stacked year for gaming, it could always use a few more.