Battlefield 2042 Deals: PS Store Sale, Franchise discounts, & latest offers

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It might not be the "Call of Duty killer" it was expected to be, but that doesn't mean you should sleep on Battlefield 2042 - especially when you consider the fact that EA DICE are gearing up for a huge Season 1 soon. It's the perfect time to pick up this, or any other Battlefield title, as there's still a few January Sales ongoing.

Here are the latest deals and discounts for Battlefield 2042 and the Battlefield franchise - but they won't last forever!

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LATEST - PS Store January Sale update

PlayStation has just added a slew of new offers to its' ongoing January Sale and that means there are more deals on Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield games. Here are all the Battlefield-related deals out there right now...

  • Battlefield 1 (PS4) - 60% Off at £7.19
  • Battlefield 1 Revolution (PS4) - 75% Off at £8.24
  • Battlefield 2042 (PS4) - 33% Off at £40.19
  • Battlefield 2042 Cross-Gen Bundle (PS4 & PS5) - 25% Off at £52.49
  • Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition (PS4 & PS5) 20% Off at £71.99
  • Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition (PS4 & PS5) 17% Off at £91.29
  • Battlefield 4 (PS4) 60% Off at £6.39
  • Battlefield 4 Premium Edition (PS4) 75% Off at £8.74
  • Battlefield V (PS4) - 75% Off at £8.74
  • Battlefield V Definitive Edition (PS4) - 75% Off at £13.74

This sale isn't going to be available forever, though - so you might want to pick these up sooner rather than later!

Save big on the Battlefield Franchise

If you're looking to save on some of the older Battlefield titles, we have the latest offers for you below...

Franchise deals on Xbox

Several older Battlefield games are available on Xbox Game Pass thanks to the integration of EA Play, but if you want to own any of them, here is how much it will cost.


Franchise deals on Steam

EA games haven't always been easily available on Steam but over the last 12 months, this has changed. A range of games from the back catalogue has also been added and here's how much they'll cost in the Steam Winter Sale.


Get Battlefield 2042 digitally for less!

The newest Battlefield game from EA DICE hasn't been around for a long time but it's already being featured in sales on digital storefronts. This makes it the perfect time to pick up Battlefield 2042 on your Xbox, your PlayStation, or your PC before Season 1 starts.

It's always improving, so it's worth checking out these deals while they last...


The Gold and Ultimate editions are also on sale at both the PlayStation and Xbox stores at £71.99 and £91.29 respectively. On Steam, the Gold and Ultimate editions are £61.59 and £80.99.

PlayStation's offers are due to expire on January 7th, 2022. The Xbox Store sale is expected to continue for a similar time and the Steam Holiday Sale is due to end on January 5th. There's not much time to save!

Save on physical copies of Battlefield 2042 right now!

Sometimes, picking up a physical copy of a game is just nicer - it's easier to buy a game from a digital storefront but we're all partial to a steelbook once in a while, right?

If you're looking to get your hands on a physical copy of Battlefield 2042, we have the best deal available right now for you below:


This isn't to say that these are the only deals out there - we're expecting several more sales to start as we enter the New Year. However, they might not be beating this - so it's up to you whether you decide to hold out or not.

Battlefield 2042 Sales Discount Boxing Day January
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CHAOS - This is the biggest Battlefield game yet!

If you need some extra space for Battlefield 2042 - and any other games you pick up during the sales - then you can get the Special Edition Battlefield Internal SSDs for competitive prices. Check them out below: