Battlefield 2042 Beta: When does Open Access to the Battlefield Beta end?

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The next Battlefield title from EA DICE is going to be one of the biggest - it might even be the best one, yet! Battlefield 2042 has a lot going for it, despite the issues that are surfacing during the Beta period - however, how long do you have to check it out for yourself before the Battlefield Beta comes to an end? Here's what we know.

UPDATE - Open Access to the Beta has started

There's only a couple of days left to check out the Battlefield 2042 Beta - Open Access has just begun and that means you can jump into it on any platform without needing Early Access privileges or EA Play.

There are a few server issues and bugs, but the core gameplay of the title is an exciting prospect for the future of the series. Good hunting, No-Pats!


START TIME - When does the Open Beta begin?

Battlefield 2042's Beta is going to be available in two phases - there's going to be a Closed Beta and an Open Beta.

The Closed Beta is going to be available from October 6th to October 7th for players who pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 - or if you're a member of EA Play, which comes with an Xbox Game Pass membership as far as we know.

The Closed Beta will open at the following times:

  • 00:00 October 6th - PST
  • 03:00 October 6th - EST
  • 08:00 October 6th - BST

The Battlefield 2042 Beta is then going to open up to everyone from October 8th at the following times:

  • 00:00 October 8th - PST
  • 03:00 October 8th - EST
  • 08:00 October 8th - BST

END TIME - How long do you have to play it?

Battlefield 2042's Beta is going to be available for a couple of days and access will close at the following times on October 10th:

  • 00:00 October 10th - PST
  • 03:00 October 10th - EST
  • 08:00 October 10th - BST

Interestingly, this is a Sunday. Most of the time, Beta access continues throughout the weekend and ends in the early hours of Monday. Beta access can also be extended at the discretion of the development team - so, you might find that the Battlefield 2042 beta doesn't end on October 10th.

Keep an eye on Battlefield on Twitter for any announcements regarding this.

The Battlefield 2042 Beta is going to give players a chance to play Conquest on Orbital, with access to four Specialists also unlocked. Mackay, Falck, Guskovsky, and Van Daele will represent the four classes throughout the Battlefield 2042 Beta period.