Battlefield 2042: New Battle Pass Details, Release Date, Content, & More

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Battlefield 2042 is a live service multiplayer-only game in 2021 - it's safe to say that asking about Battle Pass features is a fair question. You'll be pleased - or horrified - to know that Battlefield 2042 is going to have Battle Pass features. Here's everything we know about the extent of these, though, and what it means.


EA DICE has been focused a lot on Battlefield 2042's Portal mode and not a lot on the Battle Pass. We know that Season 1 has been confirmed for early 2022 - which will include a Battle Pass that looks a lot like what we see in Apex Legends and Warzone - but what else do we know about this.

In the "What To Expect After Launch" section of this Battlefield 2042 blog post, EA DICE confirm that there will be four seasons and Battle Passes in the first year of Battlefield 2042's content. It doesn't detail what we'll see though but expect there to be cosmetic items and XP boosts - something along the lines of what you'd see in a Battle Pass in another game.

Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass
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READY FOR IT? - What Battlefield content do you want to see?
" In our first year of live service, we will deliver four Seasons, with four Battle Passes, four new Specialists, and new locations along with more fresh content. We also intend to deliver updates to Battlefield Portal that will give players more ways to build and share new Battlefield experiences with the world.
That means for Season 1, you can expect a new Specialist, Battle Pass and Portal content, and maybe even some new sights to see as the story of Battlefield 2042 continues to unfold. Expect more details early next year."
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Tom Henderson, a leaker, has suggested that we're going to see a couple of maps added and expansions to Battlefield 2042's arsenal of weaponry and selection of Portal content.


We should learn more in the coming months, but don't expect anything too soon.