Battlefield 2042: How to Extract in Hazard Zone

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Hazard Zone is Battlefield 2042's semi-unique take on the battle royale genre, offering something more in-line with Escape From Tarkov and Vigor than Apex Legends or Warzone. In Hazard Zone, you need to find and extract Data Drives from the battlefield. Here's how.

HOW TO EXTRACT - Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone

If you're looking for some Dark Market Credits - which you'll need to use to purchase the equipment at the start of a Hazard Zone game - you'll need to successfully extract from a game of Hazard Zone. Yeah, the first one is always going to suck - sorry.

In order to successfully extract from a game of Hazard Zone, you need to look out for one of two Extraction Points in-game. These don't spawn straight away, though, so you're on your own for a bit while you scavenge for Data Drives.

Battlefield 2042 Extract Hazard Zone
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DATA DRIVES - You'll need these to make extraction worthwhile

After around 10 minutes, Extraction 1 will start counting down and you'll be able to see E1 on the map as a marker. Here, you'll need to take all the Data Drives you've collected to get XP and Dark Market Credits.

There's a finite number of Data Drives on each map, so you'll be a target if you're not careful. Keep your wits about you and head there as soon as you can.


Following this, you'll need to wait another five minutes before Extraction 2 starts. This is your last chance to extract from Hazard Zone and successfully secure your Data Drives - as a squad. It works the same way as Extraction 1 and you'll be able to spot E2 in-game.

Battlefield 2042 Extract Hazard Zone
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FIGHT FOR IT - You're not the only people out to leave

If you miss this one, you're stuck. The game will end either way and you won't get additional XP and Dark Market Credits for your Data Drives. You'll also find your Extraction Streak gets reset. You'll still earn some XP, but not nearly as much.

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