Battlefield 2042: How to Check Scoreboard

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Conquest is back! The latest entry in the Battlefield series is a good one - there's a lot of content on offer and EA DICE has put together a solid basis for years of exciting Battlefield gameplay. If you're looking to see how you're doing in Battlefield 2042, check the Scoreboard with this guide.

How to Check the Scoreboard in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is a huge multiplayer experience - on next-gen consoles and PC, you can have up to 128 players in each match. Being the best in a game with that many players isn't going to be easy - but it isn't impossible. Hit your shots and keep your Squad alive and you should start racking up the points.


If you want to check how many points you're on, though, you can do that by holding down the "pause" button on Xbox and PlayStation, or by hitting TAB on PC.

This isn't going to be your traditional scoreboard, though. With Battlefield 2042's huge player count and unusual scoring system, you're going to be looking at a screen that shows you the following...

  • Sector Control Overview
    • This shows you how many tickets each team has, which sectors are controller by which team, and how many deaths each team has suffered as a whole.
  • Squad Leaderboard
    • This will display a leaderboard of kills and eliminations by squad - however, you will see a breakdown of your squad in green. You cannot see the individual scores for all members of the game, though.
  • Personal Stats
    • In the top right, you'll be able to see your personal stats - kills, captures, revives, etc.
  • Ribbon Progress
    • Looking to complete some Ribbons? You can see a selection of Ribbons and your progress through them here.
  • Player Counts
    • In the bottom right, you'll be able to see how many players are in your game. This should be "64 vs 64" in a full game, or "32 vs 32" on current-gen consoles.
Battlefield 2042 Check Scoreboard
SCOREBOARD - Here's what you're looking at

The image above is an example, from GINX Esports TV, and sowcases what your Battlefield 2042 scoreboard should be when you check it.

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