Battlefield 2042 Beta: Open Beta access now available on all platforms

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EA DICE's iconic Battlefield series is back and we are heading into the near-future once again with Battlefield 2042 - the Beta might be suffering a little, but there's a lot going right with this game. Here's the latest on the Battlefield 2042 Beta and what's happening over the weekend.

OPEN ACCESS - It's now available worldwide!

Battlefield 2042's Early Access period is over and now you can download and play the Battlefield 2042 Beta on all platforms without the need for EA Play or a Preorder code.

Good luck, No-Pats, and have fun!


EARLY ACCESS - What you need to know

If you've pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 - or if you're a member of EA Play (Which is included in Xbox Game Pass) - you should be able to download the Battlefield 2042 and jump in right now!

Preloading started yesterday and there are two full days of Early Access to the Battlefield 2042 Beta before it opens up to the rest of the world. As far as we're aware, the Beta itself is going to be the same throughout the Beta period - however, there could be some hotfix updates as more issues arise.

When does the Battlefield 2042 Beta go live?

The beta launches in two seperate windows depending on whether or not you've preordered the game. If you have preordered the game or have an active EA Play membership you can start on October 6th at 3 am ET / 8 AM BST. this being said, you can preload the game on October 5th, a particularly good idea if your connection isn't great.


Just days after the early acces beta, an open beta will go live. If you want to test out the game, you can play it at 3am ET / 8 am BST on October 8th. If you can stomach waiting a few days, this is a great way to try before you buy

When does it end?


No matter which time you join up, the ending time for the beta will be 3 am ET / 8 am BST on October 10th.

This means that you get two extra days if you preorder the game or have an EA Play membership.

How to access it

You can find the game in the marketplace, regardless of your platform of choice. You can download the Origin client on PC and then find it there or use your console to find it in the store.

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From here, just wait for the game to download and boot it up on release.

Download Size

We don't know the download size just yet but, under the spec requirements page, it says to have 100 GB of SSD storage available so we can imagine it being around this size. There's a good chance they're putting most of the game into the download and then let you only access a fraction of it. Needless to say, this is going to be a huge one.