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PUBG Free-to-Play COUNTDOWN: How to Play, Download Free & More

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Popular battle royale game Player Unknown's Battleground - or PUBG as it's more commonly known - is finally making the big leap toward free to play this coming week.

It's a decision that the team behind the game didn't take lightly, however, it's also a game that has been around for so long that a huge number of players already own it on at least one platform.

For those who don't, it'll be a great way to get access to one of the originators of the battle royale game mode. Undoubtedly the servers will be wild once the game goes free to play but when exactly will that be?


PUBG will officially become free to play on Wednesday, 12 January 2022. No specific time has been given so we're going to assume that it will be from midnight (UTC) on the above date as this is when pre-registration ends. If a specific time is clarified by the PUBG team, we'll update the countdown below.



Is it True Free to Play?

PUBG will not be going true free to play as some features will be locked behind a Battlegrounds Plus subscription.

Players who already owned a copy of PUBG will automatically be a Battlegrounds Plus member. Those who download the game for free will need to upgrade their accounts in order to access Ranked matches as well as creating and participating in Custom matches.

You can earn some rewards for simply pre-registering your interest in the free to play launch of PUBG. Head to the PUBG website to sign up anytime up until 23:59 on Tuesday, 11 January.

Your rewards will be available in-game once it's live. There are skins and a weapon set up for grabs for participating in the free to play launch event too!

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