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Avengers Game: New release date, Pre-order, Trailers, Gameplay, Map, Co-op missions, Campaign, Cast, PS4, News & more

There have been rumours of a Marvel's Avengers game gound round since as early as 2017, so it's fair to say it's been a long time coming.

The hype around the Marvel-inspired game is at an all-time high, and now there's a gameplay trailer, featuring new footage from co-op missions.

Here's everything you need to know about Marvel's Avengers game.

Release date

At the E3 2019 showcase, it was revealed that the Marvel's Avengers was going to hit PC, Stadia, Xbox One and PS4 on 15 May 2020.

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This has now been delayed, with the new release date being September 4, 2020.

PS4 owners will also be getting soon-to-be-revealed exclusive content, including early beta access to the game. 

New gameplay trailer

Marvel's Avengers won't arrive for another six months, but Crystal Dynamics have gradually released details on the game's features, including customisable abilities, unlockable gear and progression systems.

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NEW CHARACTER: Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel evades an attack in the new trailer

However, the new trailer has provided us with a better understanding of the combat mechanics and how the co-op missions work.

Ms. Marvel, who was only introduced as a playable character earlier this month at New York Comic-Con, attempts to reunite the Avengers five years after they were blamed for the destruction of San Francisco.

Once you finish the opening battle on 'A-Day', you can hop straight into multiplayer game modes, or stick with the campaign to follow the narrative.

An original storyline

At Square Enix’s conference, gamers finally got their first good look at a series of cinematic trailers and gameplay snippets.

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It looks like the core heroes you can play as are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and The Hulk. Each hero has their own unique combat style that caters to their varying strengths and abilities.

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For a more detailed analysis of the trailer and understanding of the storyline, take a look at our Marvel's Avengers gameplay piece.

All-star cast assemble

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Play with Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man

The voice acting cast was revealed during E3, with some very familiar faces bringing life to our beloved heroes, including Troy Baker as Bruce Banner (The Hulk), Jeff Shine as Captain America, Travis Willingham as Thor, Laura Bailey as Black Widow, and Nolan North as Tony Stark. 

A universe to explore for years to come

The most exciting statement from the January 2017 announcement trailer was that this project is the start of a “multi-year, multi-partnership,” deal and will establish a universe that “gamers can play in for years to come."

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Marvel's Avengers is set to get post-launch free content to continue building on the universe and the hero roster, which is the longevity the first trailer was hinting at.


Gamers can now pre-order the Marvel's Avengers game, and with your pre-order will come the Marvel Legacy Outfits!

Continuous gameplay, customisable characters & four-player co-op

Following a leak on the E3 Coliseum page (just under a week away from Square Enix’s E3 appearance) we finally gained some insight on the gameplan.

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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: Team up with your favourite Marvel characters

Though this leak was quickly snuffed out, the guys at PC Gamer magazine got their hands on the original description:

“Embrace your powers and join key members of the development team at Crystal Dynamics and the creative at Marvel Games as they talk exclusively about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers.

This is the defining Avengers gaming experience: an epic action-adventure that combines cinematic storytelling with continuous single-player and co-operative gameplay.

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Moderated by Andrea Rene, assemble in teams up to four players, master extraordinary abilities, customise your heroes to fit your playstyle, and combine powers to defend an ever-expanding world under constant threat.” 

This leak gave us a great amount of information to work with, considering how we haven’t had any news about gameplay until now.

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Some key takeaways include the cinematic storytelling, four-player teams, continuous single-player, cooperative gameplay and customisable heroes.

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