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Xbox Series X: Quick Resume feature disabled for various launch titles!

The latest consoles are here, as next-gen begins its launch worldwide.

This week has seen the Xbox Series X and the PS5 release in parts of the world.

With both consoles having a less than perfect launch, Quick Resume on the Series X has been disabled ins some major games.

As one of the leading features of the console, let's take a look at which games have had this removed!

Xbox Series X Quick Resume

This feature is enabled by the tremendous new hardware seen in the Xbox Series X.

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HARDWARE: The Series X's hardware is phenomenal

Whilst it is phenomenal to see games load in a matter of seconds, a number of games have seen bugs.


This has put a bit of a dampener on the launch, as owners of the console were excited to experience the new feature.

This bug has also affected some major titles, which has directly affected the playing experience of some individuals.

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Furthermore, the Quick Resume feature is only available for a certain number of games at once.

Whilst this is far less annoying for many, some may still find this slightly irritating.

The Affected Titles

According to Xbox tech exec Jason Ronald, the feature has been disabled for some major titles.

He said that Xbox has found that "some optimised titles may be experiencing issues".


This has resulted in the disabling of the feature, although he does stress that a fix will be pushed out ASAP.

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Unfortunately, some issues are being seen even on game where it is still enabled.

For example, players have admitted seeing problems with Quick Resume on AC Valhalla.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla PS4 vs PS5
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NEXT GEN VISUALS: AC Valhalla still looks phenomenal

This manifests itself as an inability to reconnect to online services, which don't always connect following a Quick Resume.

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