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Valhalla: Tonnastadir barred doors - How to unlock, Key, Huntsman Helm, Ledecestresire region & more

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a huge success. The Viking adventure takes players into old England, with weird spelling and plenty of things to do and explore.

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Located in the western part of Ledescestrescire, Tonnastadir has plenty of great loot and important items. Including the Huntsman Helm! But how can you get everything?

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Huntsman Helm & Book of Knowledge

Guarded by two enemies, a large metal door stops you from getting to some key items, the Huntsman Helm and Book of Knowledge.

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While the guards aren't much of a challenge, you do need a key to get through the door. You can't just take your axe to it!

So how do you get the key?


Tonnastadir key

The key for the door is in the Longhouse, that's the biggest building in the settlement, so you can't miss it!

Go in the main door and you'll find the key on the left-hand side, right at the back of the Longhouse. You can sneak your way in at the top and then drop down to assassinate and swipe the key without causing a stir.

Once you have it, it's a quick slide down to the helm and book!

Tonnastadir barred doors

The barred doors prevent you from getting to King Burgred's Offer. With all entrances barred how exactly do you get in? It takes some cunning, and a strong bow!

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You can take aim through a window at the door bars and break them with arrows. You only need to open one door to get in. King Burgred's Offer is in a chest in the basement.

It's a sly little trick that has caught out several players already. Now you know it, you can use this trick on other barred doors too, if the opportunity allows.

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