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Valhalla: Hidden Ones' armor set locations

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has more collectibles and armor sets than anyone could really need, and yet who doesn't love collecting!

One of the best armor sets around is the Hidden Ones.

Designed for stealthy play, this is truly the Assassin's Creed armor you need if you like to strike from the shadows.

It's not easy to get though. Let's take a look at how you can get all five pieces.

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Hidden Ones' Gloves

Found at Ratae Bureau in Ledecestrescire, these are the easiest pieces to get. The location has a suggested power of 20, so it's not too bad.

Location of Hidden Ones' gloves
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LIGHT FINGERS: Grab these gloves to start off your armor set!

You'll need to find an underground passage at the location and follow the tunnels underground to find the gloves.


Hidden Ones' Mask

It's a bit of a step up to get the mask, with a suggested power of 90, this one is in the Londinium Bureau in Lunden, obviously.

It's not easy to find this one, but you'll get there. Head to the large circular wooden structure outside the walls of Lunden. The Bureau is in there, but you can't climb up and into it.

Hidden Ones mask location
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MASK UP: To protect others!

Instead, look up and you'll see a tree hanging out from the very top of the city wall. Climb up there and dive off into the wooden structure.

You'll land in some water, but don't get out! Look for a breakable wood wall under the water, and follow the tunnel. Finally, shoot the explosive jar through the metal fencing to destroy the rubble, and you can get the mask!

Hidden Ones' Hood

Now we're getting serious. A suggested power of 160 means you might need to take your time getting to this piece of armor. It's worth it though.

Hidden Ones' hood location
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SHROUDED IN DANGER: Grab this hood to up your sneakiness

Located in the Camulodunum Bureau in Essexe, this is a tricky one to get to.

Locate the staircase on the Southern outskirts of the city. You'll need to blow up some rubble to get in, so grab some oil jars and throw them from a safe distance onto the rubble.

Head into the tunnels and dive under the water to come out on the other side of the wall. Keep going and you'll find a barred door. Head to your left and you can climb up the wall.


That takes you to a ledge overhanging the flood you just went under. Jump across to the opposite platform and then dive into the nearby water to find the key for the locked door. Swim back up and open the door.

It looks like a dead end, but you can shoot the barred doors open through the fencing. Head back over to the now unbarred door and claim your Hidden Ones hood!

Hidden Ones' Robe

This one is relatively simple, but the suggested power of 190 means you'll need to be careful.

Head up to Jorvik to grab the chest piece from the Eboracum Bureau.

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You'll find the entrance to this Bureau on the outskirts of Jorvik, to the south-east of the theatre. A little girl yelling about goats will lead you to the right area once you speak to her.


There's an obvious breakable floor, head through it and into the water.

Dive down, swim through, break the pots and squeeze through the door. You'll find yourself in a room with boxes suspended over water. Take the right-hand path around the room to reach the other side, then dive in the water and look for the open underwater grate which leads you to a ladder.

Climb up, open the door, and find the key on top of the bookcase beside one of the notes.

Hidden Ones' Boots

The final piece of Hidden Ones' armor is in Wincestre, at the Venta Belgarum Bureau. With a suggested power of 220 you'll need to be inventive with dodging enemies though.

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The Bureau is in the middle of Wincestre. Just north-west of Witan Hall is a big hole surrounded by statues, jump on in!

swim down and follow the path to move the blockage and unlock the door. Then grab an oil barrel.

Take it all the way back through the door and throw it at a breakable door down a small pit. Get through and grab your armor!

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