Assassin's Creed Wishlist: 7 Things We Want to See in Valhalla!

Valhalla is set to release later this year in November!

We can't wait for the first next-gen Assassin's Creed game. We hope Ubisoft take advantage of the new hardware!

Here, we cover some features we want to see in Valhalla, including some gameplay and cosmetic aspects.

4k Textures

4k Textures would allow players another level of immersion.

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DECISION TIME - Choose your character's interactions!

This is a big ask for the current generation consoles, but for the Xbox Series X and PS5, this is a fairly expected feature.

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We can also expect this to be a feature on PC, due to the advanced hardware that's possible with these systems.


We hope Valhalla will continue the cosmetics system that Odyssey had.

This system combined a progression with cosmetics, making for a rewarding expereince when working towards certain outfits.

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We hope old outfits from previous games (e.g. Connor, Ezio) will make a reappearance for the returning fans.

View Distance

View distance is a small factor when it comes to immersion, but can make a big impact if noticed by the player.

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With the next-gen consoles, we can expect the view distance to be almost infinite, to the point where we won't need to worry about world boundaries.


Factions haven't featured that much in the Assassin's Creed games, so would be a nice change for the series.

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SAGA - Will Valhalla link back to previous games like Odyssey and Origins?

Factions would allow players to take a side and choose the side they fight for.

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This may be difficult due to the time period, but it would be awesome to have more options when it comes to the storyline.

Seamless Exploration

Seasmless exploration has been a large part of the Xbox Series X marketing.

This, in short, means loading screens will be kept to a minimum where possible.

This would again (similar to view distance) add to the immersion of Valhalla.

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We hope the new console takes advantage of the hardware and creates a seamless environment.

Combat Mechanics

In the previous title, Odyssey, the combat became slightly more linear and simple. This was slightly dissapointing for some fans.

We hope Valhalla can improve upon this combat and add more mechanic based fighting.

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This may involve new enemy types or weapons that need to be mastered.

Cross Save

Finally, we hope Valhalla will utilise Cross-Save for as many platforms as possible.

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GENDER - Will you pick the male or female character?

This will allow players to progress their game on one console then jump onto another platform and continue their progress.

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Although this doesn't improve the gameplay, this is a nice quality of life feature.

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