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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: New trailer hints Eivor could be Ragnar Lothbrok's Son!

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is set to release later this year on 10 November 2020.

With the new trailer, we get a good look at the enemies and characters that will feature in the new title.

We know the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok, an iconic Viking, will be in the game but is there a twist we're not expecting?

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Who is Ragnar Lothbrok?

Ragnar Lothbrok was an iconic Viking warrior/king who was known for his death in a pit of snakes.

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It seems Ragnar's Death was the main cause for the Vikings to attack England (East Anglia).

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Before his death he had 3 sons; Halfdan, Ubba and Ivor the Boneless.

Ragnar's Sons

Ragnar's Sons became just as iconic as their father.

This is due to them being the main warriors that lead the Viking's attack on England in the year 865.

Halfdan became the leader of The Great Heathen Army in the late 860s, and later became the first king of Northumbria in 876.

Ubba, another of Ragnar's sons, fought alongside Halfdan in the Invasion of England.

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However, the last of Ragnar's sons, Ivor the Boneless, is the one we are most interested in!

Eivor the Boneless?

It's still unclear, from the trailers we've seen, who Eivor's parents are and where he comes from.

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Although Eivor's name is spelt differently to Ivor the Boneless, there's always a chance they are linked.

It's known that Vikings had a few spellings for their names, so some variation in the spelling doesn't seem impossible.


From the trailer, it seems we'll be fighting these sons as Eivor, but we know Ivor (The Boneless) didn't do this in real life.

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However, the popular TV show Vikings did portray Ivor fighting his brothers, so there's no reason Assassin's Creed wouldn't bend the truth as well!

King Alfred

We do know King Alfred will also be one of the main enemies in the game.

Ivor The Boneless famously fought King Alfred of Wessex, which further confirms the idea that Eivor and Ivor are the same person.

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We can't wait to see which direction Ubisoft go with this character and whether they choose to stick to true, historical events.

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