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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Comb of Champions Guide - Where to find Bil's comb

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has arrived and many gamers have begun traversing the worlds of Ancient Norway and Britain.

There are plenty of sidequests that you might come across throughout your journey, with the Comb of Champions world event being one quest you may encounter early on.

Some players have found it difficult to complete this quest, as they struggle to locate the comb that Eivor must obtain - keep reading as we help you find it!

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Comb of Champions

The Comb of Champions is a sidequest located in Rygjafylke, the region of Norway in which we start our Viking saga.

assassins creed valhalla comb of champions
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OVERCOMB AND ADAPT: Bil's pesky comb is proving difficult to find in this sidequest

As a result, many players are coming across this quest early on in their journey and are being left frustrated and bemused!

That's because in this quest you'll meet Bil, a woman sitting on a rug, challenging a number of suitors to find her comb. The prize? An evening of her company.


Bil's Comb Location

Luckily for us, Youtuber 100% Guides has posted a super helpful video tutorial on where to find Bil's comb.

You simply have to head over to the singular rock, that sits alone in the pool below the waterfall.

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ROCK MARKS THE SPOT: Head to the singular rock in the pool below the waterfall

Once on the rock, dive into the water in the direction of the waterfall.

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FREEDIVE: Dive towards the waterfall from the rock and head down a crevice

As you dive under the water, you'll see a deep opening that you need to head down (use Odin's sight to help you locate the crevice).

assassins creed valhalla bils comb 3
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COMB HERE: You'll find the comb at the bottom of the crevice

At the bottom you'll find the comb which you'll be able to interact with, collecting the item before returning it to Bil to complete the challenge.

Comb of Champions Video Guide

If you're still struggling to find the exact location of the comb, then check out 100% Guides' YouTube guide below:

Once you've found Bil's comb, check out this God of War Easter Egg in Ubisoft's new title!

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