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24 Nov 2020

AC Valhalla: Thegn's Armor Set Guide - All Pieces & Locations

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Thegn's Heavy Tunic Location

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Thegn's Bracers

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Thegn's Breeches

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Thegn's Cloak

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Thegn's Great Helm

The Thegn's armor set in Assassin's Creed Valhalla is considered the best Bear armor set by many of the AC community.

Each of the pieces is dotted around England, but don't panic, as we've listed all their locations below.

Thegn's Heavy Tunic Location

YouTuber TagBackTV has compiled a super helpful guide which pinpoints the locations of each piece of armor.

First up, we're headed to the Temple of Burgantia in Eurvicscire. You'll find this location in Northumbria - check it out on the map below.

Thegn's Armor Map Location
PINPOINT: The tunic is located at the Temple of Burgantia

Once at the temple, head to the back left of the large statue situated in the middle of the pool, and dive into the water.

Thegns Tunic
HIDDEN ENTRANCE: You'll find an underwater tunnel in the Temple's pool

You'll find the entrance to an underwater tunnel. Follow it all the way around until you find the chest. Use Odin's sight to help guide your way to the treasure.

thegns tunic underwater tunnel
DEEP BREATH: Make sure you have a full set of lungs for this one

Top tip before this one is to find the entrance of the cave, then come up for air before going for the loot, as you'll be holding your breath for a long time.

Thegn's Bracers

Next up, we're heading to the North of Northumbria, to the Northside of Stenwege Camp. So basically, just keep heading North...

AC valhalla thegns bracers map location
NORTHSIDE: You'll find the bracers in the North Northumbria!

You need to sneak in the camp, and once in, your best bet is to remain hidden.

STEALTH MODE ACTIVATED: Hug the edge of the camp to avoid detection
STEALTH MODE ACTIVATED: Hug the edge of the camp to avoid detection

The room you're looking for will have a guard on the door, but amazingly, if you stay crouched you can sneak right past them!

AC valhalla thegns bracers
SEE NO EVIL: Luckily the guard appears to be blind...

With high-level guards posted in this camp, you're best to avoid any conflict.

Thegn's Breeches

For Thegn's breeches, we're heading to the Aelfwood camp in Glowecestrescire, on the Western part of the map.

ac valhalla thegn's breeches location
WESTSIDE: Next up head to the West of the map

At the camp, you'll have to take down a large high-level foe who holds the key to a locked door. If you unlock the advanced assassination skill you'll be able to take him down with a stealth assassination.

thegns breeches valhalla key
ONE SHOT: Take down the large foe using advanced assassination

Once you have the key you can head to the locked room containing the armor (which you can locate on the map), and head inside.

AC Valhalla Thegn's Breeches
FOREST HEIST: Unlock the armor with your new key

Pre-warning, you might have to assassinate a few guards to get to the door.

Thegn's Cloak

Next up, head to Wincestre, to the Bishop's residence.

Thegn's cloak map location
DOWN SOUTH: Next up we're off to Wincestre

You can sneak into the back of the building after assassinating the guard (use the advanced assassination skill again).

Thegn's Cloak back door
SNEAKY: Head in through the back door after assassinating the guard

Once you're in the building, sneak upstairs. You'll find that the room is barred shut. However, head to the other side of the first floor and you'll find you can break into a back room with a moveable object.

AC Valhalla Thegn's cloak
BREAK-IN: Break the barred door from the other back room

Move the object and you'll be able to shoot the barred door with your bow and arrow, granting you access!

Thegn's Great Helm

The final piece is also in Wincestre, located in the Old Minster Hall.

AC Valhalla Thegns great helm map
DON'T MOVE: The final location is also in Wincestre

You'll need three keys, the first of which is located at the top of the tower on the hall. Break some boxes and slide under to gain access to the room at the top.

ac valhalla thegns great helm tower
GET CLIMBING: The first key is in the room at the top of the tower

The other two keys are inside the hall itself. One key is in the far back room, whilst the last key is on the wooden rafters above your head in the main hall. Use the stairs at the back to gain access.

ac valhalla thegns great helm key locations
LOOK UP: The final key is on the wooden rafters in the hall

The actual helmet is located behind a stained glass window in the courtyard of the Old Minster Hall.

Thegn's Great Helm Room
SMASH IT: Break the glass for access to Thegn's Great Helm

Smash the glass and climb into the room to grab it.

Video Guide

If you're still confused with any of the locations, then check out TagBackTV's full video guide below:

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