AC Valhalla Next Gen: Players confirm game runs better on PS5

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Assassin's Creed and next-gen have started their worldwide launch.

Whilst us in the UK and Europe will have to wait for our PS5, the Xbox Series X and AC Valhalla are in our homes already.


Unfortunately, this next-gen release seems to have sparked the console war again.

The game in question is AC Valhalla, and it doesn't look good for Xbox fans!

AC Valhalla on PS5

The latest news from the guys at Digital Foundry seems to suggest that AC Valhalla runs better on the new Sony console.

AC Valhalla tearing
VISUAL DIFFICULTIES: Some Xbox players are complaining of screen-tearing

On Twitter, one user suggested that NX Gamer shows that the PS5 outperforms the Xbox.

John Linneman confirms this, stating that "Yes, this is true."

It remains to be seen how exactly the PS5 outperforms the Xbox, as the video is not yet out.


However, other users have taken to Twitter to share some problems.

Issues with AC Valhalla

Other Twitter users have shared problems with the game on the Xbox Series X.

One of these is the load times, as the PS5 appears to load the game 5%-12% faster.

Assassins Creed Valhalla Tombs
LOCATIONS: The game features a number of awe-inspiring locations

Whilst not a huge difference, it is interesting to note that there is a difference between the two powerful consoles.

The other main issue, which is slightly more pressing, are instances of screen-tearing.

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This means that the image on screen splits in to two or more parts.


A number of users with the Xbox Series X have noted this problem, and have taken to Twitter.