What Time Does the Apex Anniversary Event Start?

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The Apex Legends' Anniversary Event is almost here!

It's hard to believe it's been two years. Well, maybe not that hard to believe but that's how long Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale has been out.

Aside from the fact that we've had Gibraltar for two years, today also marks the start of the game's Anniversary Event.

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Below, we've got a good idea of when it will all start.


LATEST - New Anniversary Skins

Much like any Apex Legends event, there are going to be a few new cosmetics for players to get their hands on!

What makes this event a little different is that all of these cosmetics will be following the Apex Legends Anniversary celebrations' theme.

That means they're all going to be Red and Gold.

Below, you can see a celebratory Tweet from Respawn Entertainment that showcases some of the new designs:

Are you looking forward to the event?


Start Time

Apex Legends developers Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that their Anniversary Event will start on February 9th and that it will be a unified release.

Although there is no set schedule for Respawn to follow, if we look back to the previous launch times of Apex Legends' events we can get a sense of when it will drop.

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The Apex Legends Anniversary Event should start around 18:00 GMT.

There may be a few moments of downtime, however, this is not always the case and it seems unlikely that this will happen.

Anniversary Event Details

There's going to be a lot to do during this event; That, and there will be a lot being offered to players!

Apex Anniversary Event Start Fuse Pirate Skin
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ARRR - How does Fuse rank against the original Champions?

Earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment hinted that this might be the time to spend your Apex Coins...

"We’re bringing back 24 fan-favourite items and giving them a fresh look with crimson red and gold touches."

Although there isn't anything specifying what these items will be, they have confirmed that there will be some Champion Skins amongst the select 24.


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In addition to this, Apex Legends' Anniversary Event is bringing the "Locked and Loaded" playlist to the forefront.

For this, you'll be dropped into Kings Canyon with a full set of Level 1 Gear and all Common loot will be removed from the loot-pool.

The Apex Legends Anniversary Event will run from February 9th until February 23rd.