Apex Legends' next Arenas map is on the way and it looks fantastic

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We're in the final stages of the Genesis Collection Event, but Apex Legends has another event on the horizon. It isn't another Collection Event, but the Thrillseekers Event is going to be a perfect way to continue onto the release of Season 10. Here's everything we know about one facet of this update: the Overflow Arenas map that's coming to Apex Legends.

LATEST - When Are We Expecting The New Map To Arrive?

If we look at past events, we have some idea of when we're going to see Overflow released as a new Arenas map for Apex Legends. It's going to be introduced as a part of the Thrillseekers Event that's going to be taking place over the next week and we're expecting this to start at around 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST on July 13th.

This is subject to change, though, as there hasn't been any confirmation of this and there could be some unforeseen server issues. However, we're expecting Respawn Entertainment to have made assurances following last weeks issues.


The Overflow Arenas map is expected to replace the limited-time Skull Town Arenas map when Season 0 Kings Canyon leaves the game.

Overflow Confirmed For Thrillseekers Event

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the Thrillseekers Event for July 13th and Overflow, the new Apex Legends Arenas Map, along with it!

" Overflow differs from other Arena maps by being lane focused; where each location is separated by tall, lava-filled structures. With this separation, players cannot easily spot early decisions made by the other team and will need to stay vigilant before committing to a side or risk being flanked. While there are opportunities for long-range engagements, combat tends to favor short-to-medium ranges along either POI: Overlook or Slope."

As a map with clear routes and choke points, this should play to certain Legends strengths a lot more than others and team composition will be key. You can check out the new map in action in the trailer below:

Original Article - New Arenas Map Leaks

GarretLeaks, a notable Apex Legends data miner and leaker, has revealed that a new Arenas Map was added to Apex Legends in the latest title update, it's just not live in-game yet.

"Overflow" looks like it's going to combine the brutalist architecture of Apex Legends' industrial buildings with flowing lava to create a battlefield worthy of those we refer to as Legends. You can check out our first look at the new locale below:


In addition to this, GarretLeaks has also shared what you might describe as the "raw materials" of the new map in a blueprint-type overview of the area that would be in play below:

We don't know when the "Overflow" Arenas Map is going to be added to the game fully, but there are two options. Firstly, it could be added to kick-off the newly-leaked Thrillseekers Arenas Event that's due to start on July 13th or July 20th.

Alternatively, it could be introduced in the Season 10 update we're expecting to be released on August 2nd or August 3rd. This is all speculation at this point though, so should be taken with a pinch of salt.