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06 Apr 2021

Is Blisk the new Season 9 Apex Legends character?

Looking forward to the new Apex Legends character we're expecting in Season 9? We don't know exactly who is coming yet, but we have a pretty good idea thanks to a few leaks.

LEAKS - Blisk Character Build Found

Could Kuben Blisk, the Founder of the Apex Games, be the new Apex Legends character we'll see in Season 9? A few prominent Dataminers and Leakers think that he will be after his character build was leaked online.

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The footage below showcases what appears to be a Titanfall Titan being called into the Training Grounds on Apex Legends. It was filmed on a Nintendo Switch, so the quality isn't going to be great...

Blisk will reportedly have a wall-running ability and be able to use Survey Beacons like Pathfinder with his Pilot Kit Passive Ability.

It should be said that everything about this should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, Respawn Entertainment did make us think Forge was going to be added all those months ago...

Titanfall Content Is Coming

In a recent panel for BrownGirlGamerCode on Twitch, several Apex Legends devs shared information that Season 9 is going to be a good Apex season for Titanfall fans.

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" Titanfall is very much part of the universe" and "some really cool stuff" is on the way to Apex Legends in the coming months.

With this in mind, it seems like all this corroborates what we know about Blisk's build from the leaks above.

Apex Legends New Character Season 9 Titanfall
TITANFALL CONTENT? - Is there anything you'd like to see make it's way to Apex from Titanfall?

A Titanfall-themed Apex Legends Season could see new Titanfall-inspired skins for existing characters, Weapon Charms, and even a few derelict Titans added to Kings Canyon! Only time will tell, though, as we await official information from Respawn Entertainment.

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Apex Legends Season 9 is expected to launch on May 4th or May 11th, soon after Season 9 finishes.

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