19 Jul 2021 2:54 PM +00:00

Olympus' Tridents set to return in new Apex Legends "Tropics" map

We don't know a lot about Apex Legends Season 10 right now, but we might already know something about the content coming in Season 11. A notable Apex Legends data miner and leaker has just unveiled a new "Tropics" map with the suggestion we could see it as early as Season 11. Here's everything we know...

New "Tropics" Map Leaks

GarretLeaks, a notable Apex data miner, has shared new information about what appears to be a new map. Although, we don't actually have an image of the new map yet! Garret has shared these leaks through the lens of a cosmetic change that could be coming to Olympus' Tridents.

As you can see below, the new Tridents will have "dirt splashes" but otherwise look the same. Garret has suggested that this is because a new "Tropics" map is in the works.


As always, it's worth taking this with a pinch of salt until we know more. Due to the current release pattern of Apex Legends maps, we are inclined to agree with Garret's suggestion that the "Tropics" map isn't going to arrive until the season after next.

Additional Details


In a video on this discovery, Garret has gone into a few more details about what he found in regards to this "Tropics" map.

Firstly, there's going to be "alien plants". We don't know what this means but it could represent a new type of environmental hazard being added to Apex Legends in Season 11.

In addition to this, he suggested that the new map could actually take place on Gaea. This is the home planet of Rampart, Caustic, and Crypro and would allow Respawn to continue their trend of having each Apex Legends map relate to at least one of their characters.

We don't know when Season 11 is due to release just yet, or whether this map is going to release with Season 11 at all. However, it's worth keeping in mind as we continue into Season 10 and beyond.