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New Apex Legends Collection Event leaked ahead of official reveal

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There's a new Apex Legends Collection Event, codenamed Japan Legacy, coming at some point in the future. Details are a bit sparse, but we're going to let you know about everything we know so far.


Apex Legends "Japan Legacy"

There's a new Collection Event on the way to Apex Legends; That much is something we already knew. There's always a new Collection Event in the works.

Japan Legacy, currently only a codename for the event, is reportedly the next Collection Event coming up. This means there will be a new POI Takeover on one of the Apex Legends maps, a series of in-game challenges to complete, and a new cosmetic set to unlock and/or purchase with Apex Coins.

As the name might suggest, it will reportedly lean heavily on the "Japanese Theme". This includes Samurai stylings for Legend skins, Cherry Blossom decals on everything else, and more.

Apex Legends Japan Legacy Caustic Collection Event
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CHAOS THEORY - This was the last Collection Event we saw in Apex Legends and it looks like Caustic might be getting another new skin!

There are also rumours that Revenant is the next Apex Legend to get his Heirloom added to the game. Crypto, Wattson and Rampart have all had their Heirlooms leaked already though. Only time will tell until we find out which one Respawn Entertainment is going to add.


Collection Event Release Date

At the moment, we don't actually know when the next Collection Event is due to drop in Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment usually give players at least a week's worth of announcements before the event, but there has been a trend in the industry to announce things closer and closer to their release date. Well, in terms of in-game events, anyway.

With this in mind, though, we've only just seen the other side of the Arenas Flash Event that ushered in the new game mode at the start of Apex Legends' Legacy update.

Apex Legends Japan Legacy Collection Event Arenas Maps
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NEW ARENAS MAP - The new Arenas mode is bringing back some classic Apex locations

We're not expecting to see a new Collection Event until the latter half of June, if not early July. Of course, we might be wrong but if you look at the time between events in the past... It's going to be a couple more weeks yet. For now, though, we have Twitch Prime rewards...


Latest Leaks & Reveals

GarretLeaks is one of the main data miners behind the current slew of leaks. There isn't too much to talk about at the moment but here's what we know so far.

As we can see in the tweet below, Caustic has a Samurai-inspired appearance and Fuse is getting a new skin too! The Apex Packs have also received a cosmetic change for the Collection Event, which is no surprise, and it looks like Revenant's Heirloom is a Climbing Axe / Ice Pick.

Here's a better look at the Heirloom in action, too:


Another prominent Apex Legends data miner seems to think the new Collection Event could be arriving much earlier, though. With the ALGS Item Sale going on for another two weeks in the Apex Legends store, they believe that the upcoming Collection Event could start straight after on June 8th.

This would clash with another previously-leaked Arenas Flash Event, though. So, take it all with a grain of salt.

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