All the latest Apex Legends Season 9 leaks ahead of Legacy's launch

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The next season of Apex Legends is almost here and it's going to be a huge season for anyone who's a fan. We know some of the leaks were accurate, but what else is in the pipeline? We've got everything you need to know about when the new update drops and a few leaks that we're still waiting on.

LATEST - Actual Update Time Revealed

If you're looking forward to the next major update for Apex Legends, you might want to know when it is actually getting updated. Thankfully, we've got you covered.


It's a pretty early update for some of us but, as always, timezones mean that there's some variation. This means that you're going to be able to start playing the Apex Legends Legacy update from the following times.

The next update for Apex Legends should be available by 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST on May 4th. If you're on a PlayStation 4, you should be able to start downloading it now and it's around 30GB. This is probably going to be a similar figure on other platforms, but we don't know for sure just yet.

For a more detailed look, TitanfallBlog has you covered:

New Battle Pass Trailer


Respawn Entertainment has just shared the new Legacy Battle Pass trailer that gives us a better look at the new Legend skins and weapon appearances we're getting from tomorrow's update.

Rampart's Crafty Kitsune and Wraith's Demon's Whisper are the highlights, but we also get a look at a new Devotion and Spitfire weapon skin.

There's also going to be new Music Packs, Loading Screens, Banners, Gun Charms, Skydive Emotes, Holo-Sprays and Quips. We're not sure how Caustic would feel about being made out to be a bit of a bumbling oaf though...

You can check the full trailer in the tweet below:

Titanfall Blog has also uploaded this run-down of all the free Legacy Battle Pass Rewards you can get your hands on over the course of the next season:

Legacy Season Quest


Just like last season, the upcoming May 4th update is going to introduce a new in-game quest for you to complete alongside the new Battle Pass and any other limited-time events that will pop up.

This is where those Treasure Packs come into play, which you can only collect one of them a day. However, they do get you some awesome additional rewards.

The new "Quest" is going to be called The Legacy Antigen and it should help shed some light on what's going on with The Icarus and Olympus' root problem.

Loba's Tactical Buffed


Loba’s tactical, Burglar’s Best Friend, was supposed to be a powerful teleport ability.

However, it didn't turn out to be quite as good as players had hoped.

Now, in the new Season 9 Legacy Update, the tactical ability has been buffed.

YouTuber Coffee ASAP has posted a video that details the differences between the ability in Season 8 and Season 9.

Loba can now run at full speed while using the ability, as opposed to just being able to walk.

But, there is a trade-off because her Ultimate has been nerfed with a longer cooldown, but its a compromise that should be worth it.


Hammerpoint Removed

The devs have decided to vault the Hammerpoint in Season 9.

Recently, they took to Reddit to explain the decision, citing that it is "overpowered".

“Long story short, because of buffing the base weapons, we would have to nerf the hop-up’s power so it wasn’t OP… the hop-up only really works as a high-risk high reward item, so it just didn’t work well anymore."

New Character Trailer

Looking for more Valkyrie content ahead of the Legacy Update? We've got you covered! There's a brand new Character Trailer out now and new information about Valkyries abilities.

Firstly, you can check out the actual Character Trailer below:

The new Character Trailer for Valkyrie offers us a great look at the new character in action and showcases what her abilities do. If you missed them though, we have them listed below for you:

  • Tactical Ability - Missile Swarm
    • Fire a swarm of mini-missiles that damage and disorient the enemy
  • Passive Ability - VTOL Jets
    • Use a jetpack to fly. Fuel is limited but refills over time.
  • Ultimate Ability - Skyward Dive
    • Launch into the air and skydive. Allies can hook into take-off systems to join you.

Legacy Ranked Announced

Apex Legends' next major title update might not literally be called Season 9, but there's still going to be a Ranked Leagues refresh and we have all the new information about Apex Legends: Legacy Ranked right here.

The first thing to note is that there isn't really going to be any major changes to the way RP and Ranked Leagues work in Apex Legends going forwards.

According to Respawn Entertainment's Blog Post on Legacy Ranked, Season 8 was the most successful Ranked Season for Apex Legends to date. At some points, almost 50% of all matches being played were in Ranked playlists!

In the Tweet below, you can check out the new batch of Ranked Leagues rewards you can earn throughout the Legacy Season.

Legacy Ranked Map Split Dates

This season, World's Edge is back for the first split of this season's Ranked League and will be available until June 15th 2021. The second split will be all about Olympus and the rest of the season will keep you there.


Gameplay Trailer Released

A new Legacy Update Gameplay Trailer has released for Apex Legends' upcoming Season 9/Legacy update.

You can check out the trailer itself below.

It shows off a load of the new skins that are coming to the game next week, as well as some of the weapons and map changes.

Arena mode is also one of the big additions to Season 9, and the trailer gives players a look at that too.

Apex Legends Cinematic Trailer

The new Apex Legends trailer is here and you can check it out via the link below:


This Legacy Launch Trailer has offered us our first look at the new update and it is impressive, to say the least.


We get a fresh look at how Valkyrie will play and what her Ultimate Ability could be and a new look at the Bocek Bow in-game!

That isn't all though. Apex Legends' "Arenas" Mode has officially been confirmed and a new Gameplay reveal is coming on April 26th!

It's time to go beyond the battle royale.

Confirmed Details (So far)

Following the new Stories from the Outlands short, Northstar, we now know a few details about what to expect in the next Apex Legends update.

Valkyrie is the new Apex Games Legend joining Respawn Entertainment's roster of characters. We don't know how she will play just yet, but this confirms that the rumours of Blisk and Ash were wrong.

We also know that the new weapon is going to be the Bocek Bow. There was a leak that there were three weapons in development, one of them being a Compound Bow. So, this bodes well for the other two.


Furthermore, we know that Olympus is getting a few map changes. There weren't really any leaks about the map changes that were coming. However, there hasn't been any mention of the rumoured "Arena Mode" yet. If this isn't coming in this update, it could be added in the next one.

We also have confirmation that Apex Legends Season 9, known officially as the Legacy Update, is dropping on May 4th.

LEAK: Arena Mode

We know that Respawn Entertainment like to push boundaries and break ground with Apex Legends and it looks like Season 9 could introduce aspects of traditional multiplayer formatting into the Battle Royale title with the next update.

The 3v3 Arena Mode has reportedly been found in the games' files and a teaser for the upcoming small-scale competitive mode has been chared by Biast12, a notorious leaker.

We don't have any confirmation as to when this will go live but rumours are it will begin after the War Games event and lead up to the release of Season 9 shortly after.

It also looks like each "Arena" will be from one of the existing maps: World's Edge, Kings Canyon, and Olympus.


CONFIRMED: TItanfall Content Coming

In a recent discussion with BlackGirlGamerCode, Apex Legends developers confirmed long-standing rumours that Titanfall content was going to be featuring more heavily in Apex Legends going forwards.

We already know that the two are set in the same universe and a lot of the Apex Legends weapons are re-named versions of firearms featuring in Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2.


We're not sure what this means exactly but, in the past, the development team behind Apex Legends has made it clear that they do not want to implement Titanfall's iconic Titans or wall-running features on a large scale.

LEAK: Blisk Playable Legend

Another major leak has suggested that Titanfall's Kuben Blisk, the creator of the Apex Games, is going to be added to Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale as a playable character.

We don't know if Blisk will be the next playable Legend in Apex Legends Season 9, but with the confirmation that Titanfall content is on the way... He seems like a likely candidate.

Apex Legends Season 9 Leaks Blisk
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THIS OLD GUY? - From the original Apex Legends trailer, this is reportedly Kuben Blisk from Titanfall

It looks like Blisk will have a "Titan Fall" Ultimate ability, wall-running capabilities, and a Passive that allows him to hack into Survey Beacons like Pathfinder. If that wasn't all, rumours are he will also have some sort of Ring Flare Tactical Ability.

The leak below has since been removed from the Test Build of Apex Legends, but that doesn't mean it isn't still a possibility.


LEAK: Ash Playable Legend

Biast12 has had a busy few weeks. While popular Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal was dealing with the War Games event, it seems like Biast12 was focused more on the upcoming playable Legends as they have also shared information regarding Ash, another rumoured playable character from the Titanfall universe.

Ash was originally hinted at during an Easter Egg Quest in Apex Legends Season 5, but there hasn't been a whole lot about this mysterious character since. Well, until now that is.

Apex Legends Season 9 Leaks Ash Mask
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HINTS - Ash is one of Apex Legends' biggest mysteries

Below, we have a clip that showcases what appears to be Ash's Ultimate Ability: Phase Breach. It looks like a one-way offensive variation of Wraith's Ultimate Ability and we're sure the two could work well together.


We don't know much else about her character build yet, but we'll make sure we update you as and when this is leaked/revealed.