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How to redeem NEW Apex Legends Newcastle Prime Gaming skin

Newcastle is Apex Legends' newest Legend. With a squadmate-first mentality, Bangalore's long-lost brother isn't afraid to jump into the front lines if it means that he'll save a teammate in the process.

So what better way is there to celebrate the recently released character than by Respawn Entertainment making him the next in line for the Prime Gaming Bundle?

Here's how to claim the Newcastle Stone Skies Bundle.

Newcastle receives his first Prime Gaming skin

Every month a new bundle for Prime Gaming Apex Legends Bundle becomes available for players all across the world and platforms. These bundles always have a skin for a Legend as well as some other cosmetic goodies which can differ each time.

In the past, you've had the likes of Mad Maggie with her Chaotic Coral skin and more, but now it's Newcastle's turn.

Newcastle's Stone Skies Bundle features three cosmetics, a skin, a banner frame, and a weapon skin.

Here's the full list:

  • Stone Skies Newcastle skin
  • Cellular banner frame
  • The Real Teal Peacekeeper weapon skin

Here's how to redeem the new Apex Legends Newcastle Prime Gaming skin.

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How to redeem the new Apex Legends Newcastle Prime Gaming skin

Claiming Apex Legends Prime Gaming skins is fairly straightforward, all you need is your Twitch Account, an Amazon Prime account, and lastly your EA account.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • First, visit the Twitch home page and click on the crown icon on the top right corner
  • From there, you can click on two options, either "Visit the Prime Gaming Loot Page" which will prompt you to the main Prime Gaming Loot hub, or look for the "Apex Legends: Newcastle Stone Skies Bundle" and click "Claim"
  • Once you've clicked on either, click "Claim now", link your EA and Twitch accounts if need be and that's it!
  • Launch the game and all of your new cosmetics should be in their designated locations.

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