Fuse Apex Legends: Say hello to the latest Legend dropping into Mayhem

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Apex Legends Season 8 is set to be a big one, bringing about lots of changes and additions to the game.

Say hello to Fuse, the latest Legend joining the game next month.


New Legends Announced

Respawn Entertainment have announced a brand new legend, known as Fuse, that will be coming to Apex Legends with the Season 8 update next month.

A new trailer titled "Stories from the Outlands" was released by Respawn, giving us our first look at Fuse and what to expect from the upcoming season, which is called "Mayhem".

The trailer shows Fuse and his best friend uncover "a bloody beautiful grenade", which began his love of explosives.

It then flash forwards to the present and shows Fuse and his friend fighting soldiers and using explosives to cause carnage and destruction in their fights.

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Fuse can be seen carrying the grenade around his neck.

The trailer ends with the grenade exploding during an argument, causing Fuse to lose his arm.

Fuse's Abilities

Data miners have discovered details on Fuse and what to expect from his when he is added to the game.

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He will use a tactical ability called Airburst Grenade, in which he uses a Grenade Launcher that is mechanically attached to his body where his right arm once was, very much like Barrett from Final Fantasy 7.


Fuse's ultimate ability is called The Motherlode which allows him to use a cannon on his back to fire missiles which cause fire to engulf the explosion site.

New Weapon

Along with Fuse being added, a new lever action rifle will be coming to Apex Legends too called the 30-30 Repeater.

Season 8 Start Date

Apex Legends Season 8 will begin on February 2nd and is available to play for free on PC via Steam and Origin, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

A Nintendo Switch port is in development but was pushed back from its original release date in 2020, no current release date has been revealed.


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