Fuse Apex Legends Guide: Gameplay Trailer, Abilities, Ultimate, Tips, Tricks & more

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Apex Legends Season 8 is getting close, and one of the most explosive new additions is a new legend, Fuse.

Let's go over Fuse, his abilities, and some tips and tricks we expect may make the difference on Season 8 launch day!


Latest - Season 8 Gameplay Trailer Shows Fuse In Action

The latest massive drop from Apex Legends is the new Season 8 Gameplay Trailer.

Not only does the trailer get the blood pumping with so little time left before Season 8 arrives, but it also gives us some in-game footage of Fuse gameplay!

Take a look at the trailer and new Fuse gameplay footage below:

Fuse Guide Apex Legends Season 8

Apex Legends just got a lot more explosive with the addition of Fuse in Season 8.


You can check out Fuse's character trailer below:

Here's a breakdown of what we know so far about Fuse, and tricks and tips that can take you to the next level.


Fuse has the standard kit of abilities in Apex Legends - a Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate ability.

Fuse Apex Legends Season 8 Guide Abilities
BRING THE BOOM: Fuse is all about having an explosive presence

While these have yet to be confirmed by EA just yet - data miners have found some abilities and supposedly leaked them. So for now, we'll go off the information available, just know that none of it is official just yet.


Ultimate - The Motherlode

Let's start off with a bang, since it's only fitting. In Apex Legends Season 8, Fuse will debut with a pretty exciting ultimate according to leaks - The Motherlode.

While we don't have complete data on the ability just yet, The Motherlode launches a missile from Fuse's back that will leave a trail of fire behind it.

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This will have plenty of strategic applications, and rely on good positional awareness.

Tactical - Airburst Grenade

Must like Fuse's Ultimate, we don't have complete information just yet on his Tactical ability, Airburst Grenade.


Leaks suggest this ability will fire a grenade from Fuse's mechanical arm that will deal AOE damage - but with Apex Legends, we expect this will include some twists and turns.

Perhaps the grenade will knock players back, or include another unique feature once it's actually released in Apex Legends Season 8.

Passive - TBD

Data miners have yet to find info on Fuse's passive in Apex Legends Season 8.

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We will update with more information as leaks or official confirmation become available.

Tips and Tricks

Since we haven't gotten to see Fuse in action just yet, this section will be updated as footage and testing become available.

Apex Legends Fuse Guide Season 8 Trailer Abilities Tips Tricks
DEAD END: Vehicles will be easy kills for Fuse

For now, since we know Fuse is a grenadier with some AOE behind his kit, the most important thing to master when playing Fuse in Season 8 will be positioning and awareness.

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If at any time you're able to use The Motherlode, Fuse's leaked Ultimate, to trap players in bad positions via flame or simply hit multiple players with its damage, it could be the difference in a victory and early exit.