Evolution Event Reward Tracker: Free Apex Legends cosmetics revealed

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Apex Legends' next title update is almost here and there's a new Collection Event for you to check out! This means there's going to be a new Reward Tracker for the Evolution Collection Event, too. Here's everything you need to know about it...

FREE COSMETICS - Reward Tracker details

The Evolution Collection Event is more than a few new skins, there's going to be another Reward Tracker for Apex Legends players to complete. Do you know what that means? That means there's going to be a free batch of Event-related cosmetics for you to unlock!

You can check out what's included below:

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event
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FREE CONTENT - As always, there's some free cosmetics up for grabs...

Interestingly, there's going to be Seer and Lifeline Banner Trackers alongside a Lifeline skin. We guess you'll need to buy Apex Packs or spend Apex Coins for the new Rampart skin in this Rampart-heavy update. Makes sense...

SPECIFICS - The update should drop soon

Apex Legends' next title update, which will introduce the Evolution Collection Event alongside Patch 1.80, is due to drop on September 14th at the following times:

  • 10:00 PST
  • 13:00 EST
  • 18:00 BST

This is still unconfirmed - however, this is why Respawn Entertainment usually updates Apex Legends and we haven't seen anything to suggest they would release the next update later or earlier.

At the moment, the following Tweet is the latest communication from the Apex Legends team...

The Weapon Skins being shown are as follows:

  • Hydraulic Helper - Legendary Rampage Weapon Skin
  • Master Blaster - Legendary Mastiff Weapon Skin
  • Amethyst Apathy - Legendary R-301 Weapon Skin
  • Aqua Flow - Legendary Flatline Weapon Skin

START DATE - When does the event kick off?

Respawn Entertainment don't like giving people a lot of time to prepare - they've once again announced an upcoming event around a week before it's due to start. The Evolution Collection Event is scheduled to start on September 14th - We don't have a specific time just yet, but we can hazard a guess based on previous event start times.

If Respawn Entertainment sticks to their usual update timeline, we should see the Evolution Collection Event begin at around 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST on September 14th. We might even be able to pre-load the update, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

Rampart's Town Takeover is going to be a focal point for the Evolution Collection Event, - however, she's also taking over Apex Legends' Arenas mode. It looks like this is going to be a fantastic event for every kind of Apex player and we can't wait to get stuck in.