Battle Royale Halloween War: Is Apex playing catch-up to Warzone with Season 7?

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Warzone has well and truly taken the BR scene by storm, swiftly matching Apex Legends and Fortnite in popularity.

The games have all started their respective Halloween modes as well, with the spooky season taking over all three games.


However, with Halloween behind us, and as we move towards the future of content, what does Apex Legends have to do to keep up?

Apex Legends vs Warzone

Both games helped bring change to the BR genre.

apex legends cosmetics
LEGENDS: Apex brought unique characters with different abilities to the genre

Apex introduced the ability to revive dead teammates at beacons, whereas Warzone perfected vehicular warfare and class selection.

Given this, Warzone has had an extremely successful launch.

Reaching 60 million registered players in just over 50 days, the game’s popularity sky rocketed thanks to a number of big prize pool, influencer-run tournaments.


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The main selling point of the game is that it's a free-to-play version of Call of Duty, letting users experience the AAA title for nothing.

Halloween Modes

Apex Legends and Warzone both introduced Halloween modes and content for Spooky Season.

Whereas Apex introduced a game mode and left it for the duration, Warzone opted for cycling the dark mode through its various ways of playing.

cod warzone jigsaw
SPOOKY SEASON: Warzone introduced some familiar faces for Halloween

Both have been extremely exciting, helping boost the player count on both titles!


However, in our opinion, it is Warzone that has nailed this Halloween season the best.

Playing Catch Up

One way in which Apex Legends is late to the game is mounted warfare.

With Season 7 hailing the arrival of the Trident vehicle, expectations are high given the plethora of BR games that already include them.

apex legends season 7 vehicle
MOUNT UP: Season 7 of Apex Legends will introduce its first vehicle

Titles such as warzone include up to 5 vehicles, with users able to customise them as they wish.

With Warzone seeing such success with these vehicles in the game, enabling faster movement, could Apex be trying to replicate their success?


Time Will Tell

Despite all of this, Apex legends still maintains a higher concurrent player count, with more than 1 million users currently on the game.

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However, this could be in part due to the numerous esports tournament coming soon to the title.

In addition, Warzone is coupled with a pay-to-play game, Modern Warfare, and as such, players may be sharing their time between the two.