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Apex Legends x Star Wars: Could the Respawn game see a Star Wars crossover soon?

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The Legends of the game will be touching down on Olympus for the start of Season 7.

The live trailer, which aired earlier this week, showcased the new map, a Trident vehicle, and Horizon’s abilities.

apex legends horizon 2
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NEW HORIZONS: The new Legend should fit in perfectly to the team

There were, however, some subtle hints and references to a Galaxy Far, Far Away in the trailer.

Let’s take a look at them now, and what they could mean for Apex legends in Season 7!

Live Trailer Reveal

The live trailer was watched by nearly 100,000 people, all of whom are excited for new content to be coming to Apex Legends.

With a new map, leaving King’s Canyon in the past, and some other exciting new additions, the trailer was jam-packed.

apex legends season 7 vehicle
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NEW TRANSPORT: Season 7 sees a new vehicle enter the game!

It does seem, however, that Respawn hid some hints in the livestream, with a number of eagle-eyed viewers, and a dataminer, showcasing some interesting finds.

Apex Legends x Star Wars hints

Beneath the action of the trailer, there were a number of hints at the potential crossover.

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Firstly, the Legends seem to reflect our beloved Star Wars, with Rampart even copying the famous “Punch it Chewie” line. Albeit, with a bit of an Apex themed twist.

The dataminer, who goes by biast12 on Twitter, found that the map itself is very much reminiscent of the Millenium Falcon.

apex legends Season 7 map
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NEW SETTING: A dataminer has revealed the new map... Recognise this?

Couple all of these coincidences with the fact that EA and Respawn have made all of the recent Star Wars games seems to point solely towards an Apex Legends x Star Wars crossover.

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A year has passed since the release of Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so this could be an anniversary event marking the game’s release and launch of Season 7!

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