Apex Legends Wintertide Event - Release date, time, details, and more

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Apex Legends is once again celebrating the holiday season with the return of its Wintertide event!

Featuring the return of a beloved limited-time mode, a bunch of new skins, and some new items too.


Players are spoilt for choice this year with the festive goodies.

There is also the third prestige skin being added to the game for Wraith titled 'Apex Voidshifter'.

Christmas really is a jolly time of year with the new Christmas event in Apex Legends.

However, let's take a look at the important release dates for the Wintertide event in Apex Legends so that you don't miss out.

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When Does the Wintertide Event in Apex Legends Release?

December 6 2022 is when the event will be in-game and new content will be available.


The first rotation of the store tab and reward tracker will be available on this date too.

When does the Wintertide Event leave Apex Legends?

Wintertide will be available until December 20 2022 when the reward tracker and store tab will disappear.

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Content in the Wintertide Event

Of course, with a new event comes a boatload of new cosmetic items.

Here are the skins that we know of so far...

  • Below Zero Horizon Skin
  • Tundra Thunder Mad Maggie Skin
  • Frostwalker Mirage Skin
  • Stay Frosty Wraith Skin
  • The Night Queen Bangalore Skin
  • Elf Made Crypto Skin
  • Bone Chill Bloodhound Skin
  • Frozen Magma Gibraltar Skin
  • Frozen Blossom Valkyrie Skin
  • Mane Event Newcastle Skin

Wraith will also be getting the third-ever prestige skin in-game titled 'Apex Voidshifter'.

The official Twitter showcased this new prestige skin in a tweet on their page.

A fan favourite limited-time mode, Winter Express, has also returned for the community.

So, with all the content available in the Wintertide event, are you going to stay cool and grind for the items?