Apex Legends Wintertide Event - all cosmetic items revealed

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Apex Legends Wintertide is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on some new content.

And now, all the content players can grind for has been fully revealed.


Respawn Entertainment has always gone above and beyond to bring the best cosmetic goods to Apex.

And this still holds true with the huge numbers of Christmas-themed items coming to Apex Legends.

So, let's take a look at all of the new gear coming to Apex Legends in the Wintertide Collection Event!

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All Cosmetic Items Coming in Apex Legends Wintertide Event

Here is a full list of what players should expect...

Epic-tier items

(directly unlockable via 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals)

Bangalore Ice Queen skin in Apex Legends
  • Northern Defense Bangalore banner frame
  • Ice Queen Bangalore holospray
  • Savage Empire Crypto banner frame
  • Under My Protection Crypto holospray
  • Cold Specimen Newcastle banner frame
  • Beast Mode Newcastle holospray
  • Blizzards and Blossoms Valkyrie banner frame
  • You Cannot Stop The Cold Valkyrie holospray
  • Below Zero Horizon legend skin
  • Tundra Thunder Mad Maggie legend skin
  • Frostwalker Mirage legend skin
  • Stay Frosty Wraith legend skin

Apex Legendary-tier items

(directly unlockable via 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals)

Eld-made Crypto skin in APex Legends
  • Frozen Loyalty Bangalore legend skin
  • Shard Spitter CAR SMG weapon skin
  • Elf Made Crypto legend skin
  • Cold Compress Havoc weapon skin
  • Mane Event Newcastle legend skin
  • Soldier Side Peacekeeper weapon skin
  • Frozen Blossom Valkyrie legend skin
  • Frozen Rope Triple Take weapon skin
  • Bone Chill Bloodhound legend skin
  • Ice Ranger Prowler weapon skin
  • Frozen Magma Gibraltar legend skin
  • Freezer Burn R-99 weapon skin

Free reward track: Week one

(Available until December 13 when a new set of rewards will be released.)

Apex Legends Reward Track
  • 25 Crafting Metals: 250 points
  • 3 Challenge Stars: 500 points
  • 10 Challenge Stars: 750 points
  • 3 Challenge Stars: 1,000 points
  • Ice Giants Weapon Charm (Epic): 1,250 points
  • 3 Challenge Stars: 1,500 points
  • Here To Break The Ice Gibraltar holospray (Epic): 2,000 points
  • 3 Challenge Stars: 2,500 points
  • Great Northern Way Alternator weapon skin (Epic): 3,000 points

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