Apex Legends: Will Become More Than A Battle Royale Game

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Apex Legends has been a smash hit since its release in 2019 and is now in its 7th season.

Since the explosion of the Battle Royale genre, many games have come and gone, anyone remember Realm Royale?

Very few have managed to maintain a solid player base, especially after the release of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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Fortnite, Call Of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and PUBG are the key Battle Royale games now, with Fortnite still leading the pack.


More Than A Battle Royale

Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, have hinted that the game may become more than a Battle Royale game in the future.

Apex Legends' game director, Chad Grenier, told Eurogamer in an interview,

“Right now we’re a Battle Royale game. I think if you look into the future, we have a lot of conversations of, you know, should we expand beyond Battle Royale? We have this roster of legends that people love, how else can we use them?"
“I think looking into the future, you’re probably going to see the game becoming more than just a Battle Royale game. You see we have all these limited time modes and other ways to play. I think that’s a great starting point.”

Despite being a game where the only objective is to land on the map and be the last one standing, Battle Royale games have tended to develop and intricate story.

apex legends oasis art
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OASIS: Apex Legends could become more than a BR game, Apex Legends: The Movie?

Fortnite is very similar, with each season telling the next part of the story with events taking place throughout to advance the story.


Because of this the games end up with quite a deep lore and story.

Apex Legends, and Warzone, are the same too, as Chad stated.

The game has a lot of Legends, the characters you play as, which have their own backstory and the games story has advanced each season.

Taking Inspiration From Fortnite

Since Fortnite's release as a zombie horde game in July 2017, the game has expanded to a success Battle Royale game, and has become host to many live concerts, reveal events, and collaborations with some of the worlds biggest franchises and entertainers such as Star Wars and Marshmello.

Earlier this year, Epic Games founder, Tim Sweeney was asked whether he views "Fortnite as a game, or a platform".

Tim replied to ask the question again in 12 months time.

fortnite travis scott event
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ASTRONOMICAL: Fortnite has hosted many events, including the Travis Scott event which was viewed by 27 million players.

Since then the game has expanded to include the Party Royale mode, which has played host to concerts from artists such as DeadMau5, to movie trailer reveals, and even a watch along movie night.


This is on top of Save The World, Battle Royale, Creative, and competitive Fortnite.

Fortnite has a rich lore with each season advancing the story further and concluding with an end of season event.

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Players have witnessed the destruction of part of the map, the reveal of "The Seven" who caused the destruction of the Chapter 1 map, and even a full Marvel season which is currently ongoing.

The rich lore and vast array of key characters could help spawn a Fortnite movie or TV series, like we've seen with Angry Birds, but as of yet nothing has been confirmed.

It seems that Apex Legends could be taking inspiration from Fortnite and are looking to expand beyond just a BR game.

Nintendo And Valve Join The Fight


Recently it was announced that Apex Legends will be released on both Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The Steam version is set to release on November 4th, while the Switch version has been pushed back to early 2021.

Previously Apex Legends had to be downloaded and played through EA's own Origin launcher.

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NEW FIGHTERS JOIN: Apex Legends will be released on Nintendo Switch and Steam, further adding accessibility

EA announced the details of cross play and have revealed it will be console vs console and PC vs PC.

The feature can also be turned off, putting players with only the platform they're playing on, but this mean longer queue times.

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