What does War Games bring to Apex Legends?

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The War Games have arrived in Apex Legends and there's five new LTMs to keep you busy ahead of Season 9's release in a few weeks.

However, it doesn't look like we've seen any official Patch Notes for this event.

LATEST - Changes Coming In Season 9

Apex Legends' War Games Event is finally out and there's no new update on Respawn Entertainment's Game Updates page.

This is leading us to believe that Respawn Entertainment is saving all of their Apex Legends changes for the much-larger Season 9 update that's due in a couple of weeks, after the event.

Although this was largely expected, we were expecting a light Bug Fix pass or some smaller fine-tuning. However, with the cancellation of the Chinatown Market event and the fact that War Games has been moved up... It's probably a good thing that the changes are being saved and finalised for Season 9.

Five New LTMs

First up, we have the Limited-Time Modes that are coming with War Games. These are arguably the most important part of the newest Apex Legends Event because they're unavoidable!

Apex Legends War Games Patch Notes Ultra Zone
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ULTRA ZONES - These are going to make sure there's a hot drop every game!

However, they also sound like a lot of fun. Over the next two weeks, Respawn Entertainment are rotating five different LTMs which bring a few key changes to the traditional Apex formula. We have details on them below:

  • Shield Regen: Shield regenerates constantly.
  • Killing Time: round time is reduced whenever a Legend dies.
  • Auto Banners: automatically retrieve fallen banners.
  • Ultra Zones: compete for top loot.
  • Second Chance: Every player gets one free Respawn.

Although we don't know exactly how these will operate, we do know that the first LTM will be Second Chance. It will run from April 13th to April 15th.

Rumoured Changes

Although we're not sure how many Legend changes are actually coming in the next set of Apex Legends Patch Notes, we do know that a few Legends are expecting changes soon. There are some leaks circulating, and you can read over the most exciting below.

Loba is due to get quite a few changes to both her Ultimate and Tactical abilities, which are frankly a little bit broken.

In addition to this, we know that Lifeline is getting a few tweaks that might affect her pick rate in-game. It is being reported that her Revive Shield is going to be removed but her Drone Healing rate will be increased.


We're not sure how we feel about that, but Lifeline is consistently a highly-picked character so this could be the first step in a meta overhaul.

While these changes are most likely to arrive in Apex Legends Season 9 - we still have hopes that War Games will deliver a balance patch as well.

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