Apex Legends War Games Event has arrived

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Following the delay of the Chinatown Market Event, the War Games Event has arrived in Apex Legends!

Table of Contents

Here's everything you need to know about Apex Legends War Games, including its rewards, timeline, new game modes, and schedule.

LATEST - War Games is LIVE!


Apex Legends War Games has officially begun, which means the first limited time game mode, Second Chance, is now playable!

That means it's time to hop in-game and get started earning your War Games rewards which include skins, charms, and Battle Pass levels at the top of the list.

Release Date

Apex Legends War Games is live in-game now, launching on Tuesday, April 13th.

You can enjoy the new game modes and other goodies through April 27th - but don't wait too long, as the limited time game modes will only last a couple days each!

Reveal Trailer

For an initial look at what you can expect from the new Apex Legends event, you can check out the reveal trailer for War Games down below:

Rewards Track

The War Games reward track gives players some nice goals to grind for across the two-week event.


Test your Apex Legends skills by rounding out all of the rewards before War Games ends!

Patch Notes


Thus far, Apex Legends War Games hasn't had any official patch notes just yet.

Season 9 is just over three weeks away now and it isn't often that Respawn Entertainment introduce major changes to Apex Legends when a seasonal change/update is due so soon after.

With the fact that we know there's a few major Loba Legend fixes and an update to Lifeline's toolset due, we don't think we're actually going to get a major update with the War Games Event.

Instead, we should see a few tuning changes regarding the new LTMs and a couple of bug fixes. Otherwise, we're expecting anything major to be saved for the "bigger" Season 9 update.


For many, the skins are the most exciting part of any Apex Legends event.

While some have leaked ahead of time, which you can see here, we'll have them all for you once they're available.