Apex Legends Vantage: Is the Legend too strong?

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The internet has been debating whether Vantage is a strong Legend in Apex Legends. With her abilities being strong right now, it feels like there aren't many counters for her.

As Vantage is still in the early stages of her release, many people are finding ways to cheese her, bugs, and generally her play style. Many enemies have been struggling to play against her despite players only just finding their footing. This is why many are thinking that she is too strong.

So, let's take a look at whether Vantage is strong or not. From her abilities, playstyle, and what her counters look like.

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Apex Legends Vantage trick

Many players have discovered that Vantage is impossible to fall off the map. Her mobility abilities are so good that she can essentially negate this death. Triggering her tactical ability - Echo Relocation when falling off a cliff can boost her right up into the sky. This gives her a second chance to come back on land.


This is a simple trick for sure, but Vantage players can save their own lives. This ability could also be used deliberately to confuse an enemy.

Mirage Weakness

Mirage players take a seat. Vantage counters every single one of your moves here.

Mirage Apex Legends
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Players are really becoming frustrated with the latest Legend as she can use her abilities to show the real Mirage. This is a huge counter to the Legend as one of his strongest moves is eliminated. Additionally, it's made even worse as allies of Vantage can then also see which Mirage is the real one.

Vantage Apex counters

Despite the strengths of this Legend, she isn't invincible. Vantage has some pretty hefty counters which work directly against her. Legends such as

  • Fuse
  • Octane
  • Newcastle
  • Revenant
  • Ash

are really strong against a good portion of her kit. Especially when it comes to the Apex Legend's movement capabilities.