Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Hotfix - everything you must know

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Apex Legends Team Deathmatch has had to have a hotfix released by Respawn Entertainment only days into launch.

The community has greatly anticipated the new game mode and has asked for years.

Unfortunately, the expected fun that was needed by the players has not been met and the fans are disappointed.

With a range of different game modes available for players, this game mode has really missed the mark with a huge bug.

Making the game unplayable, the developers have had to release a quick hotfix to make the game mode playable.

So, let's look at the issues with the Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends and how this has affected the community.

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Team Deathmatch Hotfix Explained

The hotfix for the issues that the community have been facing hasn't exactly fixed the issues addressed.

APex Legends Team Deathmatch
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Respawn have changed the mode from three rounds to one round and reduced the kills needed from 50 to 30.

However, this does not address all of the issues experienced by players.

Apex Legends Team Deathmatch Leaver Issue

With the current design of the new game mode, there have been some loopholes to avoid taking a loss.

However, these loopholes have also left many players stuck with a never-ending bug.

If a team is looking to lose and the whole team backs out, the game doesn't end at all.

Unfortunately, this issue has gotten much worse as the game doesn't end at this point.

Meaning that you will have a team simply running around with no objectives or any kind of gameplay.

However, Respawn has now released a hotfix to address this issue.


Reddit reactions to Apex Legends TDM

Reddit posts have been seen all over discussing the new team deathmatch mode and its issues.

Despite the obvious glitch in the design of the gameplay, the general consensus is not happy.

The round-based format for the game mode has been making players upset with the poor choice of design.

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