Apex Legends' Legacy Update is one of the biggest yet

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The new Apex Legends update is now live, and it packs quite a punch in its patch notes!

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Here's the full breakdown of the Apex Legends update file size and the room you'll need to get it installed. Fair warning, this is no small patch!

Legacy Update Download Size


Players can now download the Apex Legends Legacy update!

Check out the Legacy Update file size below to know if you have enough space for the big download:

PS: 29GB
Xbox: 53GB
Origin: 12GB
Steam: 8GB

When Does The Update Go Live?

So, we know how much space we'll need to clear out for Apex Legends Season 9... But, when does the actual Legacy update release?

The Apex Legends Legacy Update went live at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST on May 4th.

Apex Legends Season 9 Summary

There is a lot coming in Apex Legends' Legacy update and it's going to be the biggest update yet in more ways than one.

Valkyrie, the newest Apex Legend, is at the heart of the update. She's an offensive Legend with a focus on verticality and attacking playstyles. The Bocek Bow is the newest weapon being added to Apex Legends and it introduces a new weapon category: Marksman Weapons.


There are also a few major changes coming to Olympus. The Icarus has returned from Deep Space and it has let a strange parasitic root loose on Olympus. There's going to be a start-of-season Quest that expands on the narrative behind this alongside the story being laid out by Ash and the new Arenas mode.

Apex Legends Arena Mode Legacy Update Download Size Party Crasher
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CRASH THE PARTY - This is one of the new locations in Apex Legends' Arenas mode

This brand-new permanent game mode is going to be an economy-based, 3v3 round-by-round elimination mode that features both new and existing Apex Legends locations. It's similar to Valorant, CS: GO, and Rogue Company in how it plays. However, as you imagine, Respawn Entertainment have put their own twist on things.