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Apex Legends Season 5: Delay - Release Date, Season 4 Extended, Battle Armour Event, Map Changes & More

News has just released that that Season 4 is being extended, since Season 5 will kick off at a later date than originally expected.

However, most of you are already wondering what the future of Apex Legends will hold, both in Season 5 and beyond.

There is a Battle Armour Event on the horizon, and if we look at the latest evidence (interviews, teasers and easter eggs), we can confirm there’s a lot to look forward to.

Continue below for everything we know so far as we continue the countdown to Season 5.

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Apex Legends Battle Armor Event

The Battle Armour Event will start on 28 April for a limited time.

Apex Legends Season 5 Start Date and Battle armor mode
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MY AMOR! Expect some interesting and unique twists coming up


Taking place at World’s Edge the event will evolve over 14 days with a new exciting twist on armour every few days or so.

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During the event rotation, only one armour type will be available to players, and they will drop into the match with it already equipped. They’ll also drop with a P2020.

While armour will be removed from the loot pool, it won’t be the same for shield cells, batteries and the all-important loot!

Season 5 Release Date

So, with Apex Legends Season 4 being extended, the question is, ‘How long will it be for?

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MIND BLOWN: We're now just two weeks away from a new look Apex Legends


In the announcement from the Design Director of Apex Legends, he writes that Season 4 will be extended by one week.

Players who want to grind out their Battlepasses, try to hit the next level of Ranked or just get some serious practice in before the next Season - you will only have until 12 May to do so!

Potential Map changes?

A combination of easter eggs found in the game and the hard work of data miners has fans reeling about possible changes coming to the Kings Canyon map.

apex legends changes map rotation again
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IMMENSE EXPECTATIONS: Another amazing season is on its way!


Let’s take a look at the evidence for a potential map change in Season 5.

User ‘HIRUZENandENMA’ discovered a new easter egg in Apex Legends. Landing at the Dome on World’s Edge, they activated an Ares Division device and discovered a map of a maze-like laboratory underground.

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This doesn’t just add key lore to the game but is another major teaser for Season 5 that big map changes could be coming.

There was also an interview Game Informer Issue 324, where Apex Legends general manager Dusty Welch and game director Chad Grenier spoke about the future of Respawn’s game.

“We’re always bringing in stuff from the Titanfall universe. We built an awesome world in Titanfall 1 and 2…There could potentially be a pleasant surprise for Titanfall fans in Season 5.”

No official announcement has been made at this point, but the hints could point at something genuinely special for the next season.