Apex Legends Season 15: Gifting Leaks, Details, and More

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An Apex Legends data miner has found some key decals for the possibility of gifting within the game.

It's possible that this new mechanic will make its way into season 15..


However, there is no confirmation of this due to the nature of the leaks.

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So, let's take a look at the leaks for gifting in Apex Legends and when they may be implemented in the game.

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Apex Legends gifting leak

@Grrt on Youtube released a video explaining the leak which originally came from Twitter.

Data miners found the information and leaked it to Twitter where many players saw the news.


However, there was more to the gifting system than just a quotation. The same Youtuber also found some icons for the mechanic.

Leaked gifting icons in Apex Legends

The Youtuber explained that...

"When I was doing a little data mining, I found this file. After asking a few people, this is the icon for gifting."

The icon seems to show the graphic that shows whenever someone receives a gift in Apex Legends.


The insider knowledge that Garrett has adds a grain of truth to this leak and makes it more reliable for fans.

datamined Apex Legends gifting design

The fact that this already has a design for receiving gifts hints that the dev team are much further into this project than expected.

Season 15 release date

Season 15 is supposed to start on November 1 2022.


So, if these leaks are correct, then we should see this new mechanic implemented on this date.

However, as all of this information is just leaks, we can never know how accurate they are until the announcement.

All we can do is wait and get excited for Apex Legends Season 15.