*UPDATED* Apex Legends Season 14: Release Time, Download Size and Patch Notes

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Apex Legends season 14 is out very soon. Fans are excited to see the new Legend, Vantage, and how exactly the changes will affect the meta.

This season sees many changes coming to the game and fans are eager to see how this will affect gameplay. The release of Vantage has also raised many discussions about leaks which have finally been revealed. King's Canyon is also getting some big changes. That's a lot to take in for Apex Legends veterans and newbies.

So, let's take a look at the release date and schedule for season 14 of Apex Legends.

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*UPDATED* Full patch notes officially revealed

The full patch notes for season 14 of Apex Legends have now been officially revealed. Looking at smaller changes such as the weapon changes, alterations to agents and some bug fixes, the devil is in the detail.

Click here to read the full patch notes.

When Does Apex Season 14 release?

Season 14 of Apex Legends will be released on Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. However, as always, players will need to download and install the content before being able to play. This is a bigger update too, so it may take a little longer than smaller patches.

The battle pass for Season 14 will also release tomorrow which means Season 13's battle pass will be removed. New legendary skins for Caustic and Wraith will also be arriving in this battle pass, so fans can start grinding for the new content straight away.

Season 14 Release Time

The latest season is due to release at the following times

  • 10 am PST
  • 12 pm EST
  • 5 pm GMT
  • 6 pm BST
  • 7 pm CEST

This is the typical release time for each previous Apex season and is no different for the upcoming Season 14 which is titled Hunted.

apex season 14 hunted
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With the size of this update, Legends are getting excited to play the new content and experience Vantage. Speaking of size, you'll want to have a few gigabytes of data free on your console or PC as Apex updates can be quite large!