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Apex Legends Season 13 Teases: Official countdown to begin this week

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We're now a month out from the start of Season 13 of Apex Legends, so it's about the time we start to hear more from Respawn about what to expect. This week should see the start of the Apex Legends Season 13 teasers as we get closer to an official reveal, so we're got all the details you need on them.

Apex Season 13 Teasers to Begin This Week

With four weeks or so to go until the start of the new season, Respawn will apparently start releasing teases on Twitter and other social media from Thursday, April 7.

The ever reliable @shrugtal on Twitter has said that the teases are due to begin this week.

The Warriors Collection Event, the final event of Season 12, is ongoing, so there's plenty to do in-game while we figure out what to expect from Season 13.

Season 13 Leaks

Following a huge leak, which detailed content that could be coming to Apex Legends for months and seasons to come, fans are speculating that the next Legend is called Newcastle.

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Out of the nine Legends that have leaked, it seems like Newcastle will be next, although that is yet to be confirmed. Below are the character's abilities, as leaked by the large drop:

  • Passive: Retrieve the Wounded – Drag downed allies while you revive and protect them with your revive shield
  • Tactical: Mobile Shield – Throw a throwable drone that creates a moving energy shield
  • Ultimate: Castle Wall – Leap and slam to a target, ally, or area and create a fortified stronghold.

As we get more on Newcastle (the leaked abilities and details could change) and the rest of what to expect from Season 13, we'll update you.

Apex Legends Season 13 Start Date

It is yet to be officially confirmed, but Apex Legends Season 13 will likely begin on Tuesday, May 3.

That will be three months after the start of Season 12, so will fit in with the usual schedule.

As soon as Respawn announce officially when the new season is due to begin and what it's officially called, we'll update you here.

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