Apex Legends Season 12 Patch Notes: Some fixes released early by Respawn

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The latest event has only just gone live in Apex Legends, but we're really looking towards the next season, which is Season 12. We have a good idea of when it starts and the teases will arrive very soon. With patches coming to Respawn's game regularly, we already know some of what's being planned ahead of Season 12. Here's an early look at what we know so far on the Apex Legends Season 12 patch notes.

Season 12 Start Date


Apex Legends tend to last almost exactly three months, which would see the start date of Apex Season 12 fall on February 8, 2022.

It has not been officially announced, nor has the official name of the season, but the date is almost certain to be correct.

As soon as we get some official news, we'll update you right here.

Apex Legends Season 12 Patch Notes

While we don't have the full patch notes for Apex Season 12 quite yet, Respawn has brought some of the fixes forward a little, getting ahead of what was to come in Season 12.

On January 13, the following fixes went live in game:

  • A crash related to the MIL-SPEC skin
  • An issue with charging weapons
  • Re-enabling the MIL-SPEC skin, Rampage, and Sentinel in-game

Then, @PlayApex had the following to say about those changes.

You may notice the Rampage feels a bit different. We decreased the damage per bullet down from 28 -> 26 and increased the thermite consumption per shot in its charged state. Give it a try and let us know what ya think. As always, we appreciate your patience, legends.

Eric Canavese, Lead Weapons Designer on Apex Legends, then confirmed that these nerfs were originally planned for Season 12 but were brought forward.

These nerfs were intended for S12 but due to the disable we're able to get them out early. The Rampage is a strong gun that does have counters, but hearing that cannon fire with no cover around can give anyone a cold sweat. These adjustments should start to even the playing field

As soon as more patches come out and the full Apex Legends Season 12 patch notes are released, we'll be sure to update you right here on what's included.