Apex Legends Server Status: Can you play Season 11 right now?

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It's update day and Respawn Entertainment are bringing a lot to the table with Season 11's content. The only issue we have with it all is the Apex Legends server status - will we even be able to log in and play Apex Legends' new content when it comes out?

Here's the latest on the server status for Apex Legends - how's it looking for everyone out there?


Apex Legends Server Status - Lates Updates

Are you having trouble logging into Apex Legends following the Season 11 update? You might not be the only one.

Before the Season 11 update, there were reports of Apex Legends' EU West server running slow - but nothing too drastic all things considered. PC players, as always, suffered the brunt of the issues pre-launch, but now? Well...

At the moment, there are no issues to report with Apex Legends' servers - expect this status to change, though, as Season 11 is due to launch at 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 17:00 GMT.

Everything coming in Apex Legends' Season 11

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here's a quick-fire list of everything coming to Apex Legends in the Season 11 update.

  • New Playable Legend
  • New Weapon
    • CAR SMG, with the ability to use both Light and Heavy Ammo
  • New Battle Royale Map
  • New Wattson Rework
  • Battle Royale Map Rotation
    • Storm Point and World's Edge are the only two maps available
Apex Legends Season 11 Server Status
RUN AND GUN - Ash is going to change the meta throughout the next few months
  • Arenas Map Rotation
  • Ranked BR Season
    • New ranked season with Storm Point as the first map before split
  • Ranked Arenas Season
    • New ranked season with a newly-added split at the same time as Ranked BR
  • New Battle Pass
  • New Game Edition
    • Loba Edition launches an hour after Season 11 starts, with a new "Arms Dealer" cosmetics set and Apex Coins