Apex Legends Season 11: What time is Season 11's ranked split in Ranked BR?

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Apex Legends' next ranked season is going to be worth checking out if you're interested in competitive Apex - however, what map are you going to be playing on and when is the Season 11 ranked split? Here's everything we know...

RANKED SPLIT - When does this take place?

Following the full reveal of Apex Legends' Season 11 - you can check out the trailer below - At the moment, we still don't have confirmation of the Ranked Split date. We know Season 11 is due to start on November 2nd and this would suggest that Apex Legends' Season 11 Ranked Split is due to take place on December 14th - six weeks later. We will confirm this at a later date. The Patch Notes weren't as helpful as they could be...


An Apex Legends ranked split isn't just about taking a little break from Ranked BR - it's a map change and a mild rank reset. What do we mean by this? Well...

Every Apex Legends ranked season is split into two halves and Season 11 isn't any different. The first half of the Season 11 Ranked BR season is played on one map - in this case, it's going to be Storm Point - and the second half is played on another map - Season 11's second Ranked BR map should be World's Edge, as this is the second map in battle royale rotation this season.

Apex Legends Season 11 Ranked Split Time Date
PURE BLISS - How will the new map compare to the existing locations on offer?

In addition to this, there's a mild ranked reset for everyone in Apex Legends' Ranked BR. This reset, in recent seasons, has essentially seen everyone have their rank reduced by one and a half tiers. So, if you're Silver II... You're going to be headed down to Bronze IV.

This will happen to everyone, though, so don't worry. You should find yourself on an even playing field with people of your skill level and this offers a lot of players a fantastic chance to climb up the ranks in the early games of the second half of Season 11's ranked season.