Apex Legends Season 11: Patch Notes detail changes coming to Ranked BR

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Respawn Entertainment has shared information regarding Apex Legends' Season 11 Ranked BR and Ranked Arenas - and all the changes that are going to be made for the upcoming competitive period. Are you going for Apex Predator this time around? You'll need to know about the following...

LATEST - Ranked map rotations confirmed

Apex Legends has confirmed that there isn't going to be any BR locations in Arenas for Season 11 - standard and Ranked. In addition to this, it looks like Storm Point is going to be the first map in the Season 11 Split.


With World's Edge being the only other battle royale map in rotation, we expect this to be the second Ranked BR map to feature - following the split.

Apex Legends Season 11 Ranked Changes Storm Point
STORM POINT - Ready to get competitive on this?

If you're planning on dropping in, you're going to need to complete ten placement matches to find your MMR. However, following the soft reset at the split, you'll only need to play five placement matches.

RANKED CHANGES - What's changing in Season 11?

Apex Legends' Season 11 launch trailer has just dropped - which you can see below - and Respawn Entertainment has shared everything we can expect to see from Ranked BR and Ranked Arenas in Season 11 - there are some changes you'll want to know about.


Apex Legends' Season 11 Ranked Split is going to take place on an unknown date, at the time of writing. The first half of the ranked season is going to take place on November 2nd. Then, the second half of the Ranked BR season is going to take place at some point in mid-December, around six weeks later. Ranked Arenas is also going to get a Ranked Split, following a Split-less season in Season 10.

In addition to this, Season 11 is introducing the following Ranked changes - this is ripped straight from the Season 11 Patch Notes.

  • Kill RP values now take differences between killer/victim Ranked tiers into account.
    • Victims do not lose more or less points when killed (in terms of entry cost). Only the killer receives the modifier.
    • Apex Predator and Master are treated as the same tier.
    • An encounter rate with someone of a 3+ tier difference is ultra-rare (less than 0.1%). Ranked matchmaking is staying the same, so in general, you’ll come across identical tiers. In cases where you squad up with a different rank friend or merge into a different tier lobby, your KP will be adjusted appropriately.
  • The kill RP cap (as we have traditionally thought about it up to this point) is effectively being raised from six to seven. However, this kill-related RP cap can be reached in different ways, depending on tier differences and placement. Placement is still paramount, and you still must place first to have a chance at max total RP.

In addition to this, the following is changing with Ranked Arenas:

  • Arenas Ranked now has 2 splits, similar to Ranked Battle Royale
  • Along with each new season and split, there is a soft MMR reset and new placement matches. New seasons require the usual 10 placement matches while a new split only requires 5 placement matches.
  • Improvements have been made to matchmaking for finding similarly skilled teammates.
  • Reduced the AP amount gained or lost from MMR differences between teams.