Apex Legends Market Sale: Start time, Market rebrand, and more

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Earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment announced that they were collaborating with Chinatown Market to release a series of branded skins in Apex Legends. However, Chinatown Market opted to rebrand right before the skin set was due to be released in the wake of the increased rate of anti-Asian hate.

Thankfully, Chinatown Market has rebranded - they're now going just by Market - and there's a store sale coming with all the fashion-forward skins we were looking forward to last time. Here's everything you need to know.


START DATE - When does the Market sale begin?

At the moment, we don't have full confirmation from Respawn Entertainment when the Market store sale is set to begin - however, data miners suggest that it's due at the following times:

  • 10:00 November 9th PST
  • 13:00 November 9th EST
  • 17:00 November 9th GMT

Expect to see teasers start in the next couple of days, if this is true, and look out for the updated visuals on all the skins that are being talked about below...


As far as we're aware, each Market store sale skin will set you back 1100 Apex Coins individually, or they will be compiled in bundles that cost around 4,000 Apex Coins.

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS - What we saw before the rebrand

The Chinatown Market rebrand was so sudden that Apex Legends' new set of skins were being teased on social media - as you may already know, Respawn Entertainment only shares these things a handful of days before they're due to be released. In the case of the Chinatown Market store sale, they were teased from around four days before.

Firstly, we have the Sundown Desperado skin...


Then, we have the Mic Check skin for Lifeline...

We expect both of these skins to look roughly the same upon the rebranded Market store sale - however, the "Chinatown" logo will be replaced with the word "Market".


LEAKS - All the Legend skins leaked so far

Following the Season 11 update, Shrugtal - a notable Apex Legends data miner - has uncovered the following Market store sale skins...

There's the Booming System Gibraltar skin - which isn't an official collaboration with Market but will appear in the Market store sale.


In addition to this newly-leaked skin, there's also the selection of old leaks that we're expecting to be rebranded from "Chinatown" to "Market". First up, Mirage's Night Crawler...

In addition to this, Wraith should be getting a new appearance called Ringside...