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Skins Leak Ahead of Apex Legends Season 10

After two years of updates, we've finally almost reached Apex Legends Season 10, a pretty big number for the game. Season 10 will bring with it a possible new mode, major balance changes and tonnes of new skins. We also received some teases at a brand new hero.

If you're more into the aesthetic of the game, you've come to the right place. A well-known leaker has revealed some brand new information and shown some new skins. Here's everything you should know about the Apex Legends Season 10's skins so far.

Apex Legends Season 10 Release Date

First, it makes sense to start with when you can expect to hold the brand new skins for yourself. The next season of Apex Legends will most likely arrive on August 3rd, matching when the current season ends.

This means you have mere weeks to finish the current pass and get all those skins before they go. Get in there and get it finished.

New Season 10 Skins

Kralrindo is a well-known leaker and well regarded in the Apex Legends community for their information.

If they post something, it's likely true. They deal exclusively with in-game stuff as they're a data miner. They look through the files and find all that information ahead of anyone else. Below is the latest set of skins they found.

With 11 skins total, there's a lot to go through. In a follow-up tweet, they clarified the team are going for a bit of an alien feel and this definitely comes across in the skins.

Things like the charge rifle have this strange honeycomb design where the triple take is vibrant and different. You will definitely spot a player rocking these skins.

These are all rare skins and rather indicative of where the next season is going. Expect all the latest updates right here over the following weeks as we discover more

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