Follow the White Raven in Apex Legends' new Bloodhound event

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If you're a Bloodhound main - or just a fan of Apex Legends' tracker - you're not going to want to miss this one. We're a couple of weeks out from Apex Legends' next major event, the Monsters Within Event, but there's still so much to look forward to. The "Old Ways, New Dawn" Bloodhound event is the first of a new type of event from Respawn Entertainment - Apex Chronicles.

These are "bite-sized story events that inject narrative into the world of Apex" and we have everything you need to know below.

HOW TO START the new Bloodhound event quests

The "Old Ways, New Dawn" event is due to launch on September 29th at the following times:

  • 10:00 PST
  • 13:00 EST
  • 18:00 BST

When it does go live, here's everything you need to know about how you can start participating in the new Bloodhound Event in Apex Legends.

Firstly, you're going to need to be playing as Bloodhound - everything is tailored to their character and Legend Abilities in-game. Without Bloodhound, you won't be able to progress.

Secondly, you're going to need to be on World's Edge in a non-ranked BR game. This is Bloodhound's homeworld - and as this is a lore-based event, it makes sense to have everything take place on this map.

On top of all this, you'll need to look for a White Raven in-game. This is going to act as a trigger for the events of "Old Ways, New Dawn". You can find a quick guide on where they should be located below:

RANKED SPLIT - Could this tell us all we need to know?

We're a matter of hours away from the start of Ranked Split 2 and this could be an important hint at when we're going to see the Bloodhound Event - "Old Ways, New Dawn" - start in Apex Legends.

Ranked Split 1 is ending on September 28th at the following times:

  • 09:30 PST
  • 12:30 EST
  • 16:30 BST

There's going to be 30 minutes of downtime before Ranked Split 2 begins.

In an effort to avoid a clash between the Bloodhound Event and the start of Ranked Split 2, a lot of people are suspecting that Respawn Entertainment has pushed back the start of "Old Ways, New Dawn" by at least 24 hours.

Take this with a pinch of salt, as always, until Respawn Entertainment confirms this.

NEW ARENAS MAP - It's time for an Encore!

Respawn Entertainment clearly never stop working because they're already going to ship another Arenas Map alongside the Bloodhound story event tomorrow!

Well... We don't know for sure, but data miner Shrugtal has suggested that this new Arenas Map is going to be released alongside the Bloodhound Story Event on September 28th.

In the video below, you can see everything he's uncovered regarding the new map so far.

Bloodhound Story Event Release Date

The Old ways, New Dawn Bloodhound Story event will start in Apex Legends on September 28th, 2021.

According to the data miner Shrugtal, the story event will be released in 5 different parts:

  • Prologue starting on September 28th
  • First Part starting on September 29th
  • Second Part on October 2nd
  • Third Part on October 5th
  • For the Final Chapter, there is no information yet about the beginning of this part.

We can expect these "parts" to run similarly to the old ways Bloodhound event from Season 4.

Old Ways, New Dawn Details

The event focuses on Bloodhound and the white raven, which happens to be the reincarnation of Odin. Together, they will try to stop Hammond industries from destroying their homeland, Talos.

The name of the event is a combination of the Season 4 Bloodhound Old Ways event and the World's Edge Battle map.

Old Ways, New Dawn will be a bridge between the events of Evolution and Monsters Within.

Bloodhound Event Rewards

During the Old Ways, New Dawn event, players will be able to get their hands on three Bloodhound-focused Apex Packs. These limited-time Apex Packs will contain at least one rare Legend skin or cosmetic item for Bloodhound.


What's better yet is the fact that you shouldn't get duplicate items, either! So... This is the perfect way to make more progress on completing your Bloodhound inventory.

In addition to this, there's a new "White Raven" Bloodhound skin that you can purchase in the Old Ways, New Dawn bundle. This is going to cost you a few Apex Coins, though. However... It does look pretty nice. Here's what you can get your hands on...

Bloodhound Event Store Bundle

The bundle will include:

  • Bloodhound Lore themed skin
  • Epic Old Way banner
  • Epic Parlor from the Old Ways

Monsters Within Event Leaks

The next big Apex Legends event Monsters Within is expected to start on October 12th and finish on November 2nd.

The Halloween thematic event will consist of three weekly trackers, so we can expect a variety of new skins.

Players can anticipate at least 40 items, 15 trackers, some charms (including a creepy doll head), new banners, poses, and weapons. This is more than double the new content we usually get with Apex Legends events - So... It's safe to say this is going to be worth checking out.

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