Apex Legends Saviors update adds new POI locations to Storm Point

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Looking at an early May release, Apex Legends Season 13, dubbed Saviors, is shaping up to be one of the more unique updates in the game's history.

The Apex Legends Saviors update will introduce a new Legend in the form of Newscastle, a heroic defender who will gladly put his life on the line to protect his team, a new Battle Pass, and more. Additionally, it’s also going to alter the Storm Point map, introducing some new locations and a new PVE encounter.

Here’s what's coming to Storm Point in Apex Legends Season 13.

New Storm Point POI - The Downed Beast

Known to be a wild tropical paradise, not only do players have to take on enemy squads on Storm Point, but they also have to deal with the island’s monsters. This adds a sense of uniqueness to the map, one that with the Season 13 update will be further enhanced with some new additions.


Seen in Saviors’ introductory trailer, the Legends took to Storm Point to give Bangalore her last hurrah before she ran off into the sunset. However, unbeknownst to them, a giant monster emerged from the waters raining the parade. Utilizing teamwork, the Legends were able to band together to take down the giant sea creature.

This left a huge carcass in the wake of the battle that now has become Storm Point’s newest POI — the Downed Beast. One that players can go inside of, go around, or climb on top of to gain a high ground advantage.

The POI is placed between North Pad, Checkpoint, and The Mill, providing new rotations through the area. It’s a high-tier POI that the Apex developers hope will take away some popularity from the Baramoter POI for dropping.

It has a tremendous focus on combat within it, and has been described as a “big stuffed loot pinata” by the dev team, with all the best loot inside the belly of the beast.

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IMC Armories appear in Storm Point

Built by the IMC in the past, IMC Armories are leftover relics from the frontier war with their purpose being automated conflict support structures that are filled with valuable cargo and have onboard defenses. Placed well below the ground, they were triggered due to the appearance of the giant beast.

Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Launch Trailer Newcastle
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ARMOR UP: Players will need to survive waves of foes to loot the new IMC Armories in Storm Point

Once players go inside them a 60-second timed combat encounter with Specters will start. Here, squads will be protected from third parties as they take down the waves of newly appeared enemies. The difficulty of the encounter will increase the more waves players face in the time allotted.

At the end of the encounter, players will be awarded loot in newly added “smart loot bins” that provide loot based on scanning players’ current equipment and weapons. This makes it so the loot is always valuable as it either upgrades what players already have, or it supplements their equipment and weapons with attachments that they don't have yet.

Players can hot drop at one of the four IMC Armories for a decent random weapon and a solid starting kit or they can drop nearby, loot up, and then rotate to it to get an even bigger bang for their back, upgrading armor, weapon, and attachments they already have with the encounter's rewards. With this variety, players will be mixing in IMC Armoriers in their Storm Point rotations no matter how long the game has gone, giving another set of important spots to fight for on the map in Season 13.

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